Tiffany Hung

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“It is such a rare experience to be able to participate in various projects and learn about financial holding management.”
Why CDF?
Forward thinking and open culture
"CDF has invested a lot of resources into talent cultivation and committed itself fully to digital transformation while continuing to lead the future development of digital finance in Taiwan. We regularly attend reading clubs to explore new knowledge of relevant industries, technologies, and trends. It was during each session that I gained personal growth and witnessed the team spirit and cohesion of our company."
Cross-industry collaborations within CDF
"CDF is committed to a balanced development of its four major segments: life insurance, securities, banking, and investment capital, with the goal of effectively integrating the group’s resources to offer the most comprehensive financial products and services. I often participate in cross-subsidiary development projects, such as NPS-related projects. Such experience is extremely rare for fresh graduates, and it has allowed me to gradually build a perspective of financial holding management."
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We have regular meetings with the General Manager. He will give different suggestions according to each person’s development to help us develop our career in the future. This high attention and in-depth training is definitely a major feature here.
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Yo-He Xiao/ China Development Capital Management Consultant, Innovation Fund Department
“Not only do I have the opportunities to work with different companies and build contracts in the industry, but together, grow with the company and our partners.”