Joe Liao

Investment Banking Department, KGI Securities

"KGI Securities is the top in industry with abundant resources and excellent benefits. Learning and advancing quickly in such environment is a rare opportunity."
Why CDF?
Personal rotation plan
"In the one-year rotation plan, KGI Securities attaches great importance to MA. HR Director and Department Head will customise the rotation plan for each person for it to meet their expertise and needs. An exclusive mentor will take you through the Department operation in the rotation, so as to better establish the contacts. During the rotation process, in addition to giving full rein to each person’s strengths, they can also learn the thinking pattern of senior managers, and have clearer ideas on their subsequent career development through the guidance of Heads of Department."
Open and interactive corporate culture
"What impresses me most is that we can put forward our ideas about the company's policies at the lunch date with the CEO, directly put forward suggestions on the MA plan to the HR Director, and several leaders personally attend classes for MA to show the company's digital development, etc. In the final MA assessment report, we can directly discuss with the General Manager and senior executives of KGI Securities about the findings and ideas of the business during the year of rotation, and actively give feedback. We even have the opportunity to implement the ideas which fully demonstrate the importance attached to MA."
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"Dream big, start small, fail fast. Continue to work extra hard, and others will more likely see your efforts. "
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Tina Wu/KGI Bank
“I have grown so much in terms of my project ideation and execution abilities.”