A Net Zero

We Care About the Future
Shaping the future with every action, our business is anchored in the pillars of environmental, social, and governance values, demonstrating a deep commitment to societal well-being and sustainable growth.
Caring for and Giving Back to Society
Our leadership team keeps up with worldwide trends and applies them with a caring touch locally. We support community care, work together on education and growing talent, inspire community growth, and use our strong sustainable finance services to make a bigger impact and lead change.
Giving back to society
Implementing Sustainability Governance
We implement corporate governance, regulation adherence, risk management, and information security with the highest standards of integrity. We are committed to strengthening our corporate governance structure, laying a solid foundation for sustainable development.
Investing In a More Sustainable Tomorrow
We regard the UN's Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as our guiding code of conduct. Through dedicated ESG management, we make investment decisions that yield highly profitable portfolios while also delivering tangible benefits to the environment, community, and corporate governance.
Dynamics in sustainable industry
Established in 2001, China Development Financial (CDF) comprises four major and synergistic operating subsidiaries: China Life, KGI Bank, KGI Securities, and CDIB Capital Group.
CDF Walker walking competition set a new record for participation, reducing carbon emissions by 117,000 kilograms
China Development Financial Holdings, also referred to as "CDF," has hosted the CDF Walker walking competition for the third consecutive year. The eve...
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CDF reports April after-tax profit of NT$2.42 billion. After-tax profit for the first four months reached NT$10.63 billion, and EPS was NT$0.64
China Development Financial Holding Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CDF") reported today its profit for the month of April. Unaudited after-t...
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CDF's Initiative in Regional Revitalization Recognized with ESG Awards from Global View Magazine
China Development Financial Holdings (hereinafter referred to as "CDF") is committed to regional revitalization. This year, it has been honored with t...
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CDF launched a high-level management team reshuffle New management team makes grand debut
China Development Financial Holding Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CDF") launched a high-level management team reshuffle. Today (26th), the ...
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Meet Our Team
Our leadership team consists of seasoned professionals sharing an entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative mindset.
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