CDF’s Inclusion Vision Donates to Help Charity Groups Go Through Pandemic

Jul 8, 2021
Press Release

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, China Development Financial Holdings (“CDF”) donates food and epidemic prevention supplies to three local charity groups, the Taiwan Corp. Sustainable Urban and Rural Care Association (Grass Book House), Plahan Indigenous Long-term Care Base, and Love Child Care Foundation in collaboration with “Taiwan NPO Self-Regulation Alliance”. Acting in line with CDF’s Inclusion Vision, more than 2000 kilograms of vegetables and epidemic prevention supplies will be donated to about 300 families to help them go through the crisis.

CDF points out that it has been more than a month since the local confirmed cases began to surge and the nationwide epidemic alert level revised to level 3, and charity organizations that stand in the front line taking care of the underprivileged community are subject to tremendous impact. Not only did the donation amount drop because the fund raising activities were forced to stop, the charity groups which generate income through selling products are facing dire challenge since the physical selling channels have been suspended. In addition to the plummeting income, many child fostering institutions now need to provide children with three meals every day since the schools are shut down, the cost of food has rocketed as the income dipped. As for charity groups attending the elderly who lives alone or is underprivileged, other than continuing the meal delivery service, they require protection gear to safeguard the health of the care taker as well as the attended elderly. CDF spares no efforts in promoting its Inclusive Vision amid the COVID challenge. Upholding the spirit of “achieving common good with the underprivileged”, CDF helps charity groups to continue with the service to the community in need, ensuring them proper meals and personal protection amid the pandemic.

CDF aims to be the supporter of charity groups amid the pandemic, joining hands with these groups to fulfil the core objective of “a sustainable society of common prosperity.” Hence, CDF supports the Grass Book House’s cause in caring for the underprivileged children and teenagers, provides “no-contact” meals and epidemic prevention supplies delivery, as well as looking into children’s needs through video and audio calls. In addition, CDF subsidizes the Plahan Indigenous Long-term Care Base to extend meals for over 60 elderlies who live alone by the Da’an River tribe, and equips the caretakers with proper protection gears to take care of the elderly in need, ensuring their safety and health during the COVID crisis. Also, impoverished students under the care of the Love Child Care Foundation aged between 6 and 18 who are unable to receive subsidies from the government and other institutions due to the restraints of the social welfare system, or live in the remote areas that could be easily neglected from visiting are also provided for by CDF.

CDF has committed to charity since the outbreak of the pandemic. Just before the Dragon Boat Festival, CDF purchased Zongzi from social enterprise “Happy Food” for underprivileged children and elderly, allowing them to enjoy tasty Zongzi made with rich and healthy ingredients while helping local young farmers who adopt environmentally-friendly farming method. In addition, China Development Foundation has been promoting the “100 Tutoring Volunteers to keep the Tradition Alive Scholarship Program” to provide assistance to students and families impacted by the pandemic. An estimate of 100 college students will receive the scholarship this year. The Foundation also actively contacted tutoring volunteers who received the scholarship last year offering help to those in challenging conditions. CDF upholds its core ESG vison of “Sustainability, Dedication, Impact” and fulfill CSR during the dire times.

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