China Development Financial Fulfills Its ESG Commitment Towards a Sustainable Society

Sep 24, 2021
Press Release

During this year, CDF faced the challenge of fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic by working together with social welfare institutions in providing support to Taiwan’s epidemic prevention efforts in addition to promoting various social welfare projects. With the epidemic in Taiwan gradually subsiding and the lockdown gradually being lifted, “CDF Foundation”, operated by China Development Financial, donated rapid testing kits to the Eden Social Welfare Foundation which was urgently needed as a basic protection for their social workers to ensure the safety for both the care provider and the patient as part of their goal to protect the frontline workers providing care to the families of people with disabilities.

Liao Cui-Bin, Director of the Eden Foundation Internet Banking Resources Marketing Centre, stated that because of the sudden impact of the pandemic in Taiwan, the Eden Foundation did not have the budget for acquiring the necessary testing equipment. As various services and courses were about to be restarted, we immediately launched the rapid test kit donation program. Our employees contacted CDF Foundation for help, and we were very grateful that CDF Foundation supported us by donating 400 rapid test kits without hesitation which solved the issue in a short span of time

 Besides donating rapid test kits to the Eden Foundation, KGI Bank, a subsidiary of CDF, has recently begun the promotion of card transaction donations, encouraging KGI Bank credit card holders to support the Early Intervention for Angels with Delayed Development Program of the Eden Foundation. Furthermore, through the “KGI inside” digital donation platform, KGI Bank is helping to promote the fundraising programs of 20 social welfare institutions, saving nearly 80% of online donation transaction fees. 

CDF along with its subsidiaries, KGI Bank, KGI Securities, China Life, CDF Foundation, and KGI Charity Foundation will continue to support and promote its social welfare, to thoroughly implement the ideals of social sustainability as part of their sustainability strategy.

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