China Development Financial Sponsors I-Lan Senior High School’s Soccer Team to Cultivate Local Soccer Stars

Jan 10, 2020
Press Release

China Development Financial (CDF) has been displaying its commitment to ESG by investing in education. One such investment initiative is the establishment of  “Vocational Education Scholarship ” (hereinafter referred to as Scholarship) under China Development Foundation (the Foundation). For two consecutive years, CDF has sponsored players on I-Lan Senior High School’s soccer team who come from financially disadvantaged families, allowing them to focus on improving their soccer skills. The team has recently competed in tournaments with outstanding results. Not only did they advance into a top-three ranking in Taiwan’s 2019 high school soccer tournament for the first time, they were also invited as one of four teams to represent Taiwan and participate in “International Senior High School Soccer Invitational,” a popular event within Taiwan’s soccer community.

The team defeated the Turkish team, a strong rival, in the first match of the tournament, but lost to Kaishi Kokusai High School, a top-tier team in Asia, by just one point in the final. Despite their loss, I-Lan Senior High School’s soccer team’s stellar performance was applauded by all.

Mr. Ta-Hsing Lin, the head coach of the team attributed the turnaround to the support and sponsorship of the Foundation. He said, ‘Nearly half of the team’s players are from disadvantaged families. The Scholarship has provided them with nutrition funds, soccer shoes, and socks every month over the past two years. This has lessened the financial burden on the families, enabling players to maintain nutritious diets and to hone their soccer skills. Consequently, the team has significantly improved its competitiveness.”

The Foundation stated that musicians, artists, and athletes all require cultivation to bear fruit. The Scholarship dedicates to assisting students attending senior high schools and senior vocational schools, and above all else, providing them with a diverse pool of resources, including tuition, living expenses, and supplies to help them reach their dreams. Since its inception, the Scholarship has granted scholarships and financial aid to 250 students from over 100 senior high schools, universities, colleges, and vocational schools.                   

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