CDF Invited Scholarship Recipient to Design Red Envelope for a Bountiful and Blissful Year of the Rat

Jan 20, 2020
Press Release

In the lead up to the Chinese New Year, China Development Financial (hereinafter “CDF”) rolls out specially-designed red envelopes created by China Development Financial Holding Foundation’s (hereinafter “CDF Foundation”) “Vocational Education Scholarship” recipient for the year of the rat.

Chen Zhen-rong, the scholarship recipient as well as a sophomore at the Department of Visual Communication Design of Chaoyang University of Technology (CYUT) came up with the “Golden Rat” red envelopes this year and stood out among all competitors. He uses the traditional Chinese gold ingot as the main visual theme, with the tail of the Golden Rat whipping out a curvy stroke that resembles the writing of 2020. A touch of oriental calligraphy is used to express the meanings of “perfection and roundness”, so that all of the dear friends and family receiving the red envelopes can be blessed with a bountiful and blissful year of golden rats.

Chen Zhen-rong grew up facing many difficulties in learning as he suffered from a reading disability. In spite of his poor grades in academic subjects, his homeroom teacher in junior high school discovered his talents for art. From time to time, the teacher would ask him to help with classroom and wall decorations and recommended him as a contestant in art competitions. The teacher also helped him apply for “Little Flying Elephant in Our Class: Little Talents with Big Futures” project, initiated by the CDF Foundation, which proved to be the beginning of his journey as a budding artist.

In addition to offering Chen Zheng-rong financial aids, the Foundation has twice invited him to participate in the creation of CDF’s annual desktop calendar, giving him a chance to be part of a real commercial design process, which would better prepare him for the job market. He refers to the “Little Flying Elephant” project as a major source of encouragement for him, saying that “the CDF Foundation has supported me in my artistic pursuit, which I really enjoy and my new goals in life are to enter the field of design with the help of what I have learned in college.” In the future, he aspires to become a commercial designer.

CDF takes human resource cultivation seriously. Via various projects of the Foundation, such as the “Little Flying Elephant”, the “Vocational Education Scholarship”, and “Artistic and Literary Talent Support” programs, CDF has hosted numerous international artistic exchange activities and sponsored art festivals, which have all paid off noticeably. This is how CDF implement its charity policy of “Education is the best investment” and how CDF set an example of ESG efforts and corporate social responsibility.


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