CDF Launched Halloween "No Trick but Cookie!” campaign Charity procurement in past decade reaches Nearly NT$10 million

Nov 5, 2020
Press Release

It's different from traditional “trick or treat!” On the eve of Halloween, CDF launched the "No Trick but Cookie!" campaign, in which over 200 preschool-age kids and their parents came to CDF headquarters to trick or treat and were given hand-made cookies from the Down Syndrome Foundation. CDF hopes to empower charity organizations hit severely by COVID-19 through social procurement.

"We wish all the children from the preschool and the Down Syndome Foundation a safe, happy and healthy childhood,” said Richard Chang, in his welcome speech to the little guests.

Receiving kids from nearby kindergartens on Halloween has been a tradition for CDF. This year, CDF group senior executives, including Ketan Samani, Chief Digital Officer, Julian Yen, Chief Legal Officer, Richard Chang, Executive Vice President and Spokesperson, Eddy Chang, Executive Vice President of CDIB Capital Group and Marisol Wang, Vice President dressing up as vampires, cowboys, pirates, astronauts and witches.

CDF was awarded “Buying Power Award for Social Innovation Products and Services” by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2019. By acquiring products and services offered by social enterprises and social welfare organizations which register in the government procurement online platform, CDF actively assists these organizations to expand their marketing channels, thus fulfilling CDF’s corporate social responsibility.

In addition, CDF continues to organize annual “Corportae Philanthropy Day” to encourage employee participation in social welfare and increase the revenue of social enterprises and shelter-offering workshops for disadvantaged groups so that more groups can become self-sustaining, with a total purchase amount of approximately NT$10 million over the past ten years.

For the second year in a row, CDF has been supporting the Down Syndrome Foundation for its Halloween campaign. On the “Corportae Philanthropy Day”  event held earlier this year, at a bazzar set up by 12 social enterprises, social welfare organizations, and small farmers, CDF generated nearly NT$1mn in proceeds on a single day. When COVID-19 was rampant earlier this year, CDF purchased Taiwanese-brand Blueseeds’ anti-pandemic prevention products to give to all employees.

CDF has always been focused on caring for the physical and mental health of the next generation through many of its charitable projects of China Development Foundation and KGI Charity Foundation.

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