CDF opens door for Halloween Buying Down’s Syndrome babies’ charity cookies to welcome kids in costumes

Oct 29, 2018
Press Release

Trick or Treat! In contrast to the usually serious atmosphere seen in financial institutions, CDH building is filled with fun and children’s laughter during the Halloween activity held for children from a neighboring kindergarten. In order to welcome these young VIPs, CDF purchased cookies from the Down Syndrome Foundation. It is hoped that when receiving these children, CDF can also get people’s attention on groups in need of help in our society and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities. 

In order to receive these 130 children in costumes, Guo Yuling, executive vice president of CDF transformed into Auntie Guo and said that the Ai Bu Luo Suo charity cookies made by Down Syndrome Foundation that CDF sent as gifts to kids were modelled after a tumbler toy that never falls down. It’s Auntie Kuo’s hope that the visiting children can learn to be as brave and unbeatable as the tumbler. The Li De kindergarten, in the vicinity of CDF, is attended by kids of people living around here and some of them are kids of parents working at CDF. CDF hopes that while being neighborly, they can also fulfill some corporate social responsibility. 

Guo Yuling pointed out that supporting social welfare groups is only a small gesture in CDF’s greater hope to pay back to society. Over the years, CDF has in various ways sought to fulfill its corporate social responsibility. CDIB Education and Cultural Affairs Foundation and KGI Charity Foundation, founded by CDF subsidiaries, have launched various projects targeting such issues as school kids’ lunch, their academic performance, and vocational skills. CDF has striven to fill the gaps that need a helping hand in the education system and we think that for an enterprise to maintain sustainable operations, it must start by caring about and paying back to the society. That’s why we have been dedicated to doing what we can for educational, charity, humanitarian, and art/cultural causes. Here at CDF, playing a part in charity work is our long-term commitment to the Taiwanese society.

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