CDF Formally Joins the TALENT, in Taiwan Alliance

Mar 18, 2022

The talent and expertise of our employees is essential to the success of our business. For this reason, we are pleased to officially announce that CDF has joined the TALENT, in Taiwan Sustainable Action Alliance. By doing so, we hope to strengthen the competitiveness of the Taiwanese workforce while also centering ESG at the heart of our operations.

 We are committed to taking concrete actions in the  six areas targeted by the TALENT, in Taiwan Alliance: purpose and values, diversity and inclusion, corporate communication, health and well-being, compensation and incentives, and professional development. Though Taiwan may face challenges such as a declining birth rate, we aim to ensure Taiwan retains its competitive edge.

Purpose and Values

 Talent is one of our most important assets. Exceptional talent is critical for us to achieve excellence and is an imperative partner on the road to sustainability. We want our employees to understand and support our developmental aims; therefore, in order to reach a common understanding and encourage employees to realize their greatest potential, CDF has established a set of original employee values. Through clearly communicating our mission, vision, and values, we hope. Ultimately, we hope by working closely with our valued employees, we can become an employer of choice that continues to grow, retains top talent, and attracts even more exceptional individuals.

Employee Values: CDF has been recognized by many sustainable indices around the world for our work in embracing the ideals of sustainable development. This extends to work opportunities as well. We provide a diverse range of opportunities for employees to collaborate with experienced and innovative teams to explore professional aspirations and open new career paths.

Mission: Embrace innovation and talent to provide sustainable financial solutions for our clients, employees, shareholders, and society.

Vision: Become a leading financial institution in Asia through our entrepreneurial spirit and innovative prowess.

Values: Be client-centered, trustworthy, entrepreneurial, and collaborative.

Diversity and Inclusion

CDF is a major financial company  in Taiwan whose services include: life insurance, general banking services, securities, and private equity/asset management. In the face of Covid-19 restrictions and the impact of the digital transformation, we have reflected and adapted to become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive. These changes have allowed us to successfully recruit a wider range of talent from diverse backgrounds.

Our Actions:

1. We are committed to actively recruiting female professionals and increasing the number of women in executive positions. CDF believes more diversity in leadership will help us to explore possibilities beyond those offered by conventional corporate practice.

2. CDF promises equitable treatment of employees with disabilities. We work to ensure all employees will be successful in performing all essential job functions and maintaining a safe work environment.

3. We uphold a diverse, open-minded approach and do not discriminate on the basis of sex or gender.

4. We provide opportunities for the younger generation and bring together those from different backgrounds and generations to explore new possibilities.

CDF hopes to be an influential force in creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace culture. By doing so, we believe we will gradually show our clients, suppliers, and partners the importance of truly creating a future that values diversity, is free of discrimination, and provides equitable treatment.

Corporate Communication

CDF respects employee opinions. We value clear and open channels of communication and hope to create an environment where employees feel comfortable sharing their insights and opinions. By leveraging the digital transformation, we have been able to strengthen communication quality and efficiency between departments, management teams, and subsidiaries through adopting more innovative, digital modes of communication.

We stay up to date with the latest modes of communication including:

●distributing an annual Organization Assessment Questionnaire (OAQ)

●arranging regular face-to-face meetings with senior executives

●sending out monthly letters from the management team

●sending weekly alerts via desktop backgrounds and screensavers

●creating video content to broadcast on monitors in elevators

These various communication modes and trustworthy channels help us to really listen to our employees' feedback and respond promptly. By nurturing employee trust in our company and management team, we hope to foster a healthy culture of communication.

Compensation and Incentives

 From day one, we want employees to feel like they belong. CDF offers excellent compensation, benefits, bonus, and retirement plans for all its employees. Because we value employee compensation and benefits, CDF has adopted a comprehensive performance-based compensation system to ensure that hard work is recognized and rewarded. Our competitive salaries reward high performance so that we retain and recruit top talent, ultimately benefiting our employees, company, and shareholders. CDF cares about our employees’ future retirement as well and offers assistance in helping our employees jump start their retirement planning.

Physical and Mental Health

The health of our employees is key to the health of our company. With this priority in mind, we provide a range of programs and measures to support employee well-being. For instance, when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in late 2019, we implemented effective measures to safeguard our employees' health and well-being. Furthermore, we took quick action to ensure the health of our employees during the pandemic by devising comprehensive contingency plans and initiating work-from-home options for our employees.

 Our effective IT support made sure employees had the option to work from home or the office in order to best accommodate employee health and corporate needs. These measures were essential for continued operations at the peak of the pandemic when some of our employees worked from home for as long as five months. In addition, we supported employees with subsidies when the vaccine was not yet free for all. Lastly, we provided personal protective equipment and supplies for employees, and our subsidiary, China Life Insurance, offered a company-wide COVID-19 insurance plan.

Professional Development

In order to realize our long-term vision, we have adopted our own 5-year ABCDE strategy starting in 2020. The “B” in this strategy stands for “Becoming an Employer of Choice,” explicitly recognizing our commitment to support employees in realizing their full potential. To this end, we have initiated a number of training and educational programs in 2021 and provide employees with the career development expertise of the CDF Financial Learning and Development Institute.

1. Aims: key skills development, learning by doing, and digital solutions.

2. Methods: By prioritizing effective training and fostering a culture open to feedback, we are able to design personalized training programs and courses that support our strategic needs.

3. Implementation: We have designed a range of learning experiences and digital learning modules that incorporate online videos, in-person courses, forums and workshops to support employees’ professional growth on their journey to hone their skills and apply them in the workplace.

 This curricula, designed by the CDF Financial Learning and Development Institute, adopts a 3E framework, which includes the three following components:

a. Education: By investing in education, we help employees further their professional skills and knowledge while also deepening their understanding of our company.

b. Experience: By participating in company projects and engaging in on-the-job learning, our employees continue to learn new skills and continue to grow.

c. Exposure: By creating a workplace that embraces diversity, our employees are able to connect and establish meaningful ties with people from a wide range of backgrounds.

The CDF Financial Learning and Development Institute designs personalized career development programs for every CDF employee. We believe personal growth is beneficial to the development of the entire company; therefore, we strive to provide innovative, digital learning methods that uphold our company values.

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