CDIB dedicated to building biomedical ecosystem, with investment in Puriblood, Pregetic to capture China's precision medicine market

Oct 13, 2022
Press Release

To push the biomedical industry into the international arena in the post-pandemic era, CDIB Capital Healthcare Ventures II is dedicated to building an ecosystem with its portfolio companies and partners in the biomedical industry. In recent years, it has invested in companies such as Pregetic Medical Health Co, Puriblood Medical Co and Micronbrane Medical Co, creating synergies in investment strategy, technology research and business development.


CDIB Capital Healthcare Ventures President Hsu Ta-cheng said that CDIB Capital Group has a stake in both Puriblood Medical and Pregetic Medical Health. Puriblood's core technology is a Zwitterionic technology platform, which originated from the R&D Center for Membrane Technology of Chung Yuan Christian University, and is widely used in various medical consumables and materials, including leukocyte reduction filters, cell separation and filtration membranes and anti-fouling composites (P-TEX), which have been shipped or licensed to Nanya Technology Corp and Formosa Plastics Group, and it is one of the very few innovative medical technology companies in Taiwan to have generated significant revenue from its initial operations.


Health GeneTech Corp, which Pregetic has injected capital into, and Puriblood have just announced the launch of a number of ground-breaking products to upgrade the technology for precision medicine and clinical genetic testing. With Puriblood providing the MiniPuriTM microfilter, Micronbrane providing the Devin microfilter and Health GeneTech capitalizing on the advantages of these filters in removing sample background interference and enriching cell-free DNA (cfDNA). Products for prenatal genetic screening, early cancer screening and pathogenic screening have been developed and shown in clinical data to be effective in boosting test accuracy. Currently, a strategic partnership has been entered into with China's leading genomics companies such as Daan Gene Co to tap into the huge market of over 40 million tests per year in the country.


CDIB Capital Healthcare Ventures II has been in existence for nearly two years since the end of 2020, and has adopted a diversified asset allocation strategy by investing in biotech, medical technology, digital healthcare and services, with a focus on innovative drugs and regenerative medicine, precision medicine, and high yield medical materials and services. By pursuing digital transformation, innovative business models and aligning with the investment strategy of RMB Healthcare funds, the company has gradually built up a cross-strait biomedical ecosystem, with a view to further enhancing the competitiveness of Taiwan's biomedical sector.


“The collaboration between Puriblood and Health GeneTech demonstrates the need for strategic partnerships and the building of a complete ecosystem in the biomedical industry," said James Ho, Chair of CDIB's Regional Healthcare Practice. CDIB currently has one RMB Healthcare fund and two NTD Healthcare funds under its umbrella. In addition to its proprietary capital, CDIB’s combined investment scale is over NT$10 billion in the biomedical sector, and it invests in about 50 biomedical companies on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Furthermore, CDIB has been the lead investor or acted as a director or supervisor of half of the companies it has contributed to, and has long been an important force in backing investment in Taiwan's biomedical industry.
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