CDF seeks 100 tutoring volunteers to keep the tradition alive

May 6, 2021
Press Release

For fourteen years, CDF has been organizing the "Heritage 100 × Tutoring 100 Project", allocating NT$5mn each year to 100 underprivileged college students, to become CDF volunteers responsible for tutoring disadvantaged school kids for 100 hours. Applications for this year's (15th) has started already and will go to end of May countrywide.

CDF's “Heritage 100 × Tutoring 100 Project” is a combination of scholarship and volunteer service, and has so far awarded NT$70mn in scholarship money to 1,400 volunteers. Huang Shih-Hao, a former student at the Institute of Mechatronic Engineering of National Taipei University of Science and Technology, successfully guided an underprivileged kid to learn 3D printing and mechanical toy making during his volunteer work. The CDC Foundation said that Huang's case perfectly illustrated the purpose of this scholarship program: "To get university students to exert the heritage spirit and help out junior high school or elementary school students from all over Taiwan, and become a source of positive energy for those disadvantaged kids.

The “Heritage 100 × Tutoring 100 Project” has so far helped out more than 1,400 school kids and their families. In addition to alleviating the financial pressure of underprivileged college students, CDF hopes to use the students' influence to help disadvantaged kids with homework. These “big brothers and sisters”, had similar upbringings, therefore are more likely to help students find motivation through companionship and empathy.

CDF believes that "education is the most valuable investment, and companionship is the most influential force," so to that extent will provide continuous support to university students who are interested in public service to join the ranks of the volunteers and care for disadvantaged students with patience and love.

For more information on how to apply, please refer to the China Development Foundation website at:

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