CDF Walker walking competition set a new record for participation, reducing carbon emissions by 117,000 kilograms

May 14, 2024
Press Release

China Development Financial Holdings, also referred to as "CDF," has hosted the CDF Walker walking competition for the third consecutive year. The event’s theme aligns with the company's commitment to sustainability, incorporating strategies that promote carbon reduction and local revitalization. Employees are encouraged to form teams and participate, with a daily target of 10,000 steps. This month-long event has not only achieved a record level of employee participation but has also accumulated a total of 820 million steps. This distance, approximately 580,000 kilometers, is equivalent to circling Taiwan 487 times, resulting in a reduction of carbon emissions by 117,000 kilograms.

As the CDF Walker walking competition enters its third year, this year's theme is "Walking for Local Revitalization." The organizer, the China Development Foundation, has planned a local revitalization experience, combining a trip to the old trail and local specialty products. Employees visited the Thomson Trail in Liugui, Kaohsiung, to immerse themselves in nature and to gain a deep understanding of the local history and culture through walking. Participants said, "Setting foot on the centuries-old trail and listening to the local guide's explanations provided a unique experience that enriched both our bodies and souls."

To enhance the excitement of the competition, a variety of mini-team tasks were introduced during the event. Teams that successfully achieved these goals could win specialty products from local revitalization initiatives, including black pig sausages from Tamsui, fresh seasonal fish fillets from Penghu, and farmer's honey from Sanxia. Participants devised various strategies, such as opting to walk instead of riding a motorcycle, jogging in the early morning, and arranging team outings for mountain climbing or beach cleaning. In addition to task completion, these activities also fostered stronger team unity. 

Shan-Jung Yu, the Executive Director of the China Development Foundation, expressed her delight in seeing enthusiastic participation from colleagues of the group’s subsidiaries, including KGI Life, KGI Securities, KGI Bank, KGI SITE, and CDIB Capital. Many teams were led by their supervisors, fully demonstrating the spirit of teamwork. In addition, the number of participants this year reached a record high, with over 2,000 employees and 206 teams participating. Although the process is challenging, it also provides an opportunity to train willpower and endurance. Shan-Jung Yu further encouraged the colleagues to continue walking for health and environmental sustainability after the event, gradually implementing the group's ESG carbon reduction goals.

The CDF Walker event serves as a platform for CDF to not only advocate for the physical and mental well-being of its employees, but also to foster team unity, aid in local revitalization efforts, and showcase the organization's dedication to social inclusion. Looking ahead, the group is steadfast in its commitment to strive towards attaining net zero carbon emissions as part of its sustainable future vision.

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