CDF reports December after-tax profit of NT$1.71 billion After-tax profit for 2021 full-year was NT$35 billion and EPS was NT$2.34

Jan 10, 2022
Press Release

China Development Financial Holding Corporation (referred to as “CDF” below) reported today its profit for the month of December. Self-assessed after-tax profit was NT$1.71 billion, while after tax profit for 2021 full-year was NT$35 billion. EPS was NT$2.34.


CDF said that institutional investor overbuying continues to push up the capital market trend in December and that CDF subsidiaries maintained a stable performance for the month. KGI Bank's profit in December was mainly generated from interest and fee income, financial trading also has a solid performance with a total after-tax profit of NT$0.35 billion in December. After-tax profit for the 2021 full-year was NT$4.13 billion. Taiwan stocks continued to perform strongly in December, driving profits from various businesses including brokerage, capital markets, and derivatives. KGI Securities had a profit of NT$1.15 billion after tax in December. Its 2021 full-year after-tax profit was NT$12.9 billion. CDIB Capital Group's after-tax profit for the month of December was NT$0.34 billion mainly from increases in the valuation of its investment positions. Its 2021 full-year after-tax profit was NT$9.89 billion. China Life reported a December after-tax profit of NT$0.12 billion and 2021 full-year after-tax profit at NT$28.54 billion.


In 2021, CDF delivered a strong financial performance while completing a number of important milestones, including formally incorporating China Life as a 100%-owned subsidiary through share swap. In 2022 CDF will further it’s competitive advantage and operational synergy while developing its related businesses including banking, securities, private equity, asset management and insurance. CDF will continue to embrace digital innovation, focus on further developing talent and be customer-centric to provide sustainable financial solutions and fulfill corporate social responsibilities.


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