The CMO of CDF Plays the Role of “Mentor” for Youth Players at the Dumbo Tennis Exhibition Competition

Mar 3, 2022
Press Release

On the eve of the 2022 National Middle School Athletic Games, China Development Financial Holding Corporation (CDF) organized the “Dumbo Tennis Exhibition Competition”. The event gathered the 12- to 18-year-old tennis players in the CDF Foundation (referred to below as the Foundation) Cultivation Plan, to play against senior managers and employees of CDF. This event did not only provide a stage for the players to show their skills, it also invited Gabriel Heredia, CMO of CDF, and Eddy Chang, Executive Vice President of CDIB Capital Group, to act as “mentors” for the players. They encouraged the players to do their best and shared their experience for playing professionally or applying for foreign scholarships by using their tennis expertise.

CDF is engaged in the long-term cultivation of musical, artistic, athletic and other talents through the Foundation. The “Dumbo in Our Class” and “Skill and Expertise Scholarship” projects support school children with special talents, helping them achieve their dreams. Through this type of events, the Foundation present to the employees of the group the efforts of the children, building the children's confidence as they showcase their talents. The players invited to participate in the exhibition completion have had positive achievements in tennis. Zhu-Yun Zheng of the 18-year-old female group was once the singles and doubles champion in the National Middle School Athletic Games. Yu-Cen Ke of the 12-year-old female group is currently ranked first in the country. Zheng-Min Huang and Chiang-Sen Liu of the 16-year-old male group are both ranked sixth in the country. Chiang-Sen Liu will represent Taiwan in the Davis Cup in April.

“Seeing so many talented young players reminds me of the passion I had in my youth. It is very exciting!” Gabriel Heredia, CMO of CDF, who once represented his home country of Argentina and then played on a scholarship in a university in the USA, said that tennis had an enormous impact on his life. At the time, he used tennis to develop his competitiveness and discipline and later develop his marketing expertise. Gabriel Heredia encouraged the young players to set bigger goals, whether it’s becoming a professional player or joining an university team abroad. He told the players that these are all attainable dreams.

The “Dumbo in Our Class” and “Skill and Expertise Scholarship” projects continue to accept submissions. The projects accept children with talent in various fields to support the fulfillment of their potential. The children are able to hone their talent and create their own future. Please download the project brochures from the CDF Foundation website:



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