The CDF Board Appointed Mr. Osama S. Abbasi as President of KGI Securities

Dec 10, 2019


China Development Financial Holding Corporation(hereinafter CDF, TWSE:2883) held a board meeting on December 10th and passed the resolution to appoint Mr. Osama Abbasi as the President of KGI Securities, an affiliate of CDF. Prior to the approval of Financial Supervisory Commission, Mr. Abbasi will assume the role as acting President of KGI Securities. The CDF Board thanks the former president Mr. William Fang for his excellent leadership and significant contribution to KGI Securities. Mr. Fang will be taking other roles within CDF. CDF will continue to count on his expertise and experience, and expect great achievements from him moving forward.

Mr. Abbasi graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and served as the Asia-Pacific regional CEO and member of the Group Executive Board of Credit Suisse, where he accumulated over 27 years of first-hand experience in global financial markets, private banking, global investment banking and asset management. Hence, Mr. Abbasi has a grasp of international investment banking, global financial markets and equities/fixed income markets. He joined CDF as the Vice Chairman of KGI Securities, effective on June 14th, 2019. Mr. Abbasi said that “in addition to maintaining the leading position of KGI Securities in the Taiwan market, it is important for the company to focus more on providing accurate investment advisory and other financial services with high added-value, and leveraging KGI’s global presence to deepen its customer services in the future.” As a trailblazer of global deployment among Taiwanese financial institutions, KGI Securities is keen to capitalize on Mr. Abbasi’s international experience in engaging global markets.

Going forward, KGI will continue to facilitate close cooperation among regional branches to transform into a leading brokerage in Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific region, and with the aspiration to operate a niche investment bank, KGI will continue the endeavor to become a well-known investment bank in the Asia-Pacific region. Underpinned by strong presence in Asia-Pacific,  KGI will also leverage its abundant financial resources and industry relationships within the Greater China area to provide customers with comprehensive financial products and services, and thereby create win-win situations for both investors and enterprises.

About KGI Securities

KGI Securities, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Development Financial (CDF), is a market leader in a broad range of areas, including brokerage, investment banking, fixed income, proprietary trading, wealth management, and a variety of derivatives products. KGI Securities combines domestic investment businesses, including KGI Futures, KGI Securities Investment Trust, KGI Securities Investment Advisory, KGI Insurance Brokers, and KGI Venture Capital to provide clients with a full range of financial products for investment, as well as wealth management services and assistance with fundraising in domestic and foreign capital markets. For further information, please visit    

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