Junior tennis player sponsored by CDF won two gold medals in national athletic games

Jun 1, 2021
Press Release

In addition to the Dumbo scholarship, which has been on offer for twelve consecutive years, the CDIB Education and Cultural Affairs Foundation (hereinafter the foundation) also provides vocational education scholarship to students who are financially challenged, but with interest or potential in sports, dance, art, music or other skills to help them pursue their dreams. Many junior athletes that the foundation has long sponsored delivered stellar results in the 2021 National High School Games—Ms. Zheng Zhu-yun from Kaohsiung Municipal Sanmin Senior High School won gold in the U19 tennis women’s group and women’s doubles disciplines; Ms. Li Yu-yun from Tainan First Senior High School won silver in U19 tennis women’s singles; Ms. Zheng Xiang-wen and Ms. Lin Si-xian from Wanfang High School both made it to the final round of U15 women’s weightlifting. Ms. Li Jia-xin from Kaohsiung Municipal Hsin Chuan Senior High School also prevailed in the national badminton ranking game and is now recognized as a tier-A player.

Raised in Hualien, Ms. Zheng Zhu-yun has been athletic and demonstrated a passion for tennis since she was little. Given her humble family background, Ms. Zheng’s school teachers had applied for the Dumbo scholarship for her since grade 4. After graduating from middle school, Ms. Zheng attended a summer training camp in Kaohsiung, where she realized that she needed to undertake training of higher intensity if she is to play on the international level, so she moved to Kaohsiung and received arduous training at Sanmin Senior High School, and finally won gold in the 2021 National High School Games. Ms. Zheng said during the training, there were times when she really felt like giving up, but she pushed herself through at the thought of all the support she had been blessed with from her family and friends, training team and also the foundation.

Ms. Li Jia-xin from Kaohsiung Hsin Chuan Senior High School grew up in a single-parent family. Her father struggled to make a stable income, and has four children to take care of. At grade 3, Ms. Li’s teacher noticed her athletic prowess, and thus introduced her to the coach of the school badminton team to develop her skills. Ms. Li had been a recipient of the foundation’s Dumbo scholarship until she finished middle school, allowing her to continue badminton training without the distraction of financial needs. The foundation continued to sponsor Ms. Li by awarding her the vocational education scholarship during her high school years. Before graduation from high school, Ms. Li won third place in doubles in the national ranking games to become a tier-A player.

The foundation has been long committed to investment in education. The Dumbo scholarship is designed for teenagers lacking resources, while the vocational education scholarship aims to help high school (and above) students develop professional skills. Since its inception, the vocational education scholarship program has sponsored over 380 students, granting them a total of NT5mn. The vocational education scholarship is now open to application. For detailed rules, please visit the foundation’s website at http://www.cdibf.org/

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