China Development Financial marks a brand milestone as it plans to rename as KGI Financial Holdings

Apr 26, 2024
Press Release

The Board of Directors at CDF made a resolution on April 26 to change the company's name from 'China Development Financial Holding Corporation' to 'KGI Financial Holding Co., Ltd.' This decision is part of a strategic move to unify our brand identity across the group, foster a more comprehensive brand synergy, and amplify our collective impact. This plan is pending regulatory approval. The official effective date will be announced subsequent to the approval of the amendment to the Article of Incorporation of the Company at the Annual General Meeting and receipt of approval from the competent authorities.

CDF states that this strategic initiative is born from our commitment to strengthen brand cohesion and also signifies a milestone for our group. We completed the rebranding of KGI Life in January, aligning the brand positioning across all our consumer-facing subsidiaries to achieve brand consistency. Furthermore, we have laid a solid foundation for the "KGI" brand, leading to significant market recognition through the operational activities and strategic growth of our subsidiaries - KGI Life, KGI Securities, KGI Bank, and KGI Site. With the transition to "KGI Financial Holdings," it will not only strengthen the connection between the group and its subsidiaries, but it will also facilitate the development of a more consistent corporate image. Moving forward, 'KGI' will serve as the unified brand name for CDF (KGI Financial Holdings) and its consumer-facing subsidiaries: KGI Life, KGI Securities, KGI Bank, and KGI Site.

CDIB Capital Group, boasting a rich legacy spanning over half a century of robust investment experience and a track record of supporting Taiwan's industries, commands a preeminent position in the Greater China region. CDIB Capital Group will continue to operate under its current brand name, while inheriting and advancing the long-term mission of CDF, which is to grow alongside the industries and contribute to the overall economic development. 

CDF reaffirms that the group will concurrently advance company growth and social progression, providing sustainable financial services and solutions that benefit not only customers and employees, but also shareholders and the wider society.



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