CDF Donates Zongzi to Underprivileged Children and Elderly for Dragon Boat Festival

Jun 11, 2021
Press Release


     China Development Financial (CDF) continues to deliver on its Inclusive Vision amid Taiwan’s intensifying pandemic. To bring awareness to the difficulties the underprivileged are facing during these challenging times, especially in light of the Dragon Boat Festival, CDF purchased zongzi (rice dumplings) from Happy Food, an award-winning farmer based in Tainan, to donate to social welfare organizations including Taiwan Corp. Sustainable Urban and Rural Care Association (Grass Book House), Plahan Symbiotic Community Hub, and Bethany Children's Home. CDF is happy to provide zongzi made from healthy and sustainably-grown black beans along with various ingredients to underprivileged children and the elderlye, while supporting local young farmers.

     CDF spokesman Richard Chang pointed out that with the pandemic impacting local businesses, social welfare organizations that care for the underprivileged are facing difficulties. Their income has been affected due to the halt of activities, charity sales, and fundraising endeavors. With the nationwide pandemic alert at level three, which causes schools to cancel in-person classes, underprivileged children that used to have meals at school and the elderly who were offered lunch at community service centers are now at risk of food shortage. CDF, who is dedicated for caring for vulnerable communities, has exercised its corporate social responsibility by donating zongzi, in the hope of helping these people shake off the pandemic blues and celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.

     Richard Chang said that via its partner, Taiwan NPO Self-Regulation Alliance, CDF identified social welfare organizations that are facing difficulties but continue helping those in need amid the pandemic. Grass Book House is a group consisting of young people returning to their hometown of Sanxia to help children who need love and care. They strive to change the lives of those underprivileged children by building a community support system. Bethany Children's Home takes in, raises, cares, and assists children and youth up to age of eighteen that are financially disadvantaged, without family support, and need professional help. Their goal is to increase the welfare of children and make them physically and mentally healthy. Plahan Symbiotic Community Hub aims to develop a long-term care and mutual assistance system via an at-home/ community care model, which can help local residents engage in care and service work. These three social welfare organizations all focus on promoting social care and solving social problems, which is in line with CDF’s core ESG value of “sustainability, dedication and impact”. During this difficult time, CDF and social welfare organizations are joining forces to implement the core objective of a sustainable inclusive society.

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