April Pan



During the 2008 financial crisis, April served as the spokesperson for Nan Shan Life Insurance (AIG subsidiary) where she facilitated communication between the AIG senior executives and Taiwan region. 

As the first Head of Government Affairs during Citibank’s 50+ years in Taiwan, April successfully strengthened communication channels and collaboration between Citibank and Taiwan’s government agencies. Her experience in public affairs includes representing the Asia region to share Taiwan’s experiences and insights with global Citigroup colleagues, winning local and international ESG awards for Citi (Taiwan) Bank.

Career Highlights
Citibank (Taiwan)
Public Affairs Officer and Head of Government Affairs
Citibank (Taiwan)
Director of Marketing
CIGNA International Corp.
Vice President of Corporate Communications and Spokesperson
Nan Shan Life Insurance (AIG subsidiary)
Nan Shan Life Charity Foundation
Education & Honors
Harvard Business School
Advanced Management Program
University of California, San Diego
2007 National Women's Leader
2010 Best Spokesperson, Taiwan/Taipei International Public Relations Association (TIPRA)
Key Experiences
A Seasoned Public Relations and Government Affairs Executive
April has nearly 30 years of experience in managing corporate communications, brand image, public relations, and government affairs. Additionally, she has 15 years of experiences in the role of spokesperson, facilitating crisis communications, solidifying corporate images and reputation management.
MEET President, China Life
Stephanie Huang