Our Leadership Team

Our dedicated leadership team, encompassing professionals with a wide range of local, regional and international experiences, are committed to responsible governance and sustainable development.



Senior Executive Vice President & General Counsel Julian Yen Assisting CEO in overseeing business operations of each department and taking charge of legal-related matters.
Executive Vice President|Chief Financial Officer Jenny Huang Capital and funding management, performance management, investor relationship and accounting related matters.
Executive Vice President Janet Sheng Strategic planning of corporate development, subsidiary supervision, and brand and media development.
Executive Vice President Jane Lai Operations, sustainability, general affairs and procurement related matters.
Executive Vice President|Chief Information Officer Terence Yeung Strategic development of information technology and digital business innovation.
Executive Vice President|Chief HR Officer Melody Chen Human resources management, employee relations, and organizational planning.
Executive Vice President|Chief Data & Analytics Officer Frank Lai Strategic development of data and analytics, data governance and cross-selling related matters.
Executive Vice President|Chief Compliance Officer Marisol Wang Planning, administration, and execution of compliance and anti-money laundering policies; handling of whistleblowing cases.
Executive Vice President Richard Sun Planning, supervising, and executing of information security related matters.
Executive Vice President Steve Wang Credit risk, market risk, operational risk, insurance risk, and climate risk related matters.
Executive Vice President|Chief Auditor Hans Tzou Matters relating to business audits and internal controls.
Executive Vice President Vincent Hung Secretarial duties for the Board and the Audit Committee, meeting affairs for functional committees under the Board, and shareholders-related matters.
Executive Vice President|Corporate Governance Officer Lichun Wang Corporate governance related matters.
Investor Relations
Our aim is to establish a solid relationship of trust with transparent two-ways communications.
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