China Development Financial Organizes Charity Group Orders for the 9th Consecutive Year

Feb 16, 2022
Press Release

In the Spring of 2022, the “Love for You” group orders, organized by China Development Financial (CDF), has received great support from the employees of the four subsidiaries. More than 500 orders of Chinese and Western treats were placed this year. This CDF charity event which has been running for the past 9 years has raised over NT$5 million.  This money raised helps maintain the operations of several social welfare institutions and help the disabled develop their life skills.

As CDF has been continuously promoting the “Love for You” group orders, many employees have developed the habit of bringing home a bag of bread for breakfast every month. The China Development Foundation has also organized purchasing power competitions between departments. This year, the Corporate Finance Division of KGI Bank placed the most orders. A employee said: “We agree with the Foundation's goal of helping sheltered workshops, so we support this event every year. The products get better every year and you can really taste the love.”

This year, CDF supported two institutions, the Hsinchu Catholic Hua-Guang Social Welfare Foundation “St. Gonzaga Sheltered Center” and the Taichung “Amazing Grace Deaf Bakery”. This was the first time the Taichung “Amazing Grace Deaf Bakery” joined the CDF “Love for You” group order event. In order to eliminate obstacles in the workplace for the deaf, the founder of the institution, Reverend Hsin-Hung Pan, created a work environment that uses sign language. The employees of the bakery are able to maintain product quality without the troubles of poor communication. Reverend Hsin-Hung Pan said: “Thank you to CDF for supporting our dreams at Amazing Grace by transforming your NT$100 each month into loving support.” Director Nathaniel Chow of the St. Gonzaga Sheltered Center also stated that the steady, long-term orders from CDF helped them survive the Covid-19 pandemic.

CDF believes that corporate sustainable development is only achievable through caring for and giving back to society. As CDF continues to enjoy steady growth, it is also maximizing its corporate responsibilities: CDF will continue to combine the strengths of the subsidiaries and foundations of the group to invest in various social welfare activities, care for disadvantaged groups, implement social care, and utilize its key influence.

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