CDF Partners with Taitung Wood Workshop to Introduce the Multi-function Desk Calendar to overcome pandemic

Dec 23, 2021
Press Release

As the year comes to an end, new desk calendars are needed to plan for the future. China Development Foundation, the charitable organization of China Development Financial (“CDF”), has developed the multi-function wooden desk calendar for the year of the tiger. The calendar is equipped with both a phone stand and a calendar. With the prevalence of online meetings during this pandemic, it has become the hottest item for office desks in the group.
The wooden desk calendar is a new product developed by the Sunrise Wood Workshop with help from the China Development Foundation. The Sunrise Wood Workshop, located near Duoliang Station in Taitung, was impacted by the decreased number of tourists due to the pandemic this year. At one point, it was facing the problem of being unable to pay its employees’ salaries. In order to help the wood workshop through those difficult times, the Foundation suggested that grooves for placing phones and name cards should be added to the base of the calendar. The practical design of the handcrafted product not only satisfies the need for a place to store CDF employees’ phones, it also helped the workshop to generate additional third party orders, thereby solving the salary problem just in time.
Mr. Angelo J. Y. Koo, Chairman of the China Development Foundation, strongly believes that "education is the most valuable investment for our society" and would like the Foundation to provide additional support to Taiwan's educational sector.  In recent years, the desk calendars have incorporated the works of student artists cultivated by the Foundation. The theme of the 2022 desk calendar is: “New Paintings of Classic Poetry”. The art was created by the art students of Feng Hsin Senior High School in Kaohsiung. Their teacher, Chang Yi-Cheng, stated: “The students felt a great sense of accomplishment when they saw that their art works were printed on the CDF desk calendars. It was a very fulfilling experience for all the students.”
CDF is actively pursuing its long-term commitment to social responsibility. During the most trying period of the pandemic this year, CDF has continued to care for its sponsored organizations and projects in the spirit of sustainable support of the Foundation’s purpose. It promoted a series of charity arts, dance and wood working courses online, helping to settle the uneasiness during the pandemic. Similar to the theme of “New Paintings of Classic Poetry” for the desk calendars this year, CDF creatively leverages on its well-established Foundation to help employees, customers and other members of our society address the ever-changing challenges of the future.

 Pictured/China Development Foundation’s multi-function, charity desk calendars for the year of the tiger. (Provided by CDF)
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