China Development Foundation held “Spot the Talent” summer camp, integrating social commitment and employee welfare

Sep 20, 2022
Press Release

The China Development Foundation continuously invests in education to support the diverse development of younger generations. During the summer vacation this year, a series of parent-child camps was held, and talents from various fields cultivated by the Foundation for a long time were invited to join as camp teachers and share their experiences and skills to CDF Group colleagues and their family members. These activities not only demonstrated CDF’s commitment to giving back to the society but also helped create a work-life balance corporate culture.


China Development Foundation has been encouraging young generations to develop their talents through various programs such as the “The Dumbo in Our Class” and “Skill and Expertise Scholarship.” The summer camps invited the young talents who were cultivated by the Foundation over the years to participate in the events. Yaxuan He, the gold medalist of freestyle swimming at this year's Universiade, was invited to be a guest instructor at the swimming camp. She not only instructed the students in correct swimming skills, but also demonstrated the 200-meter standard mixed four-style. Yaxuan He said, "The Scholarship granted by China Development Foundation is a positive and substantial support to me. I am very happy to give back what I have learned through this activity, so that more people enjoy swimming."


The table tennis team of Yilan Gongguan Elementary School team joined the summer camp to play with KGI Securities table tennis team. In the dance camp, Jiaming Li, a dancer who has just joined the Hong Kong Dance Company, taught Mongolian dance via videoconference, and shared the training experiences abroad with the students from Taichung. Shanyan Kang, a sophomore at the Arts Department of Kaohsiung Normal University, has used her artistic expertise as a children's painting teacher. She used different teaching materials to stimulate students' creative inspiration in class. “In order to help the children learn more details, I spent time dismantling the creation steps. Such teaching experience is also very helpful to my own painting process,” Kang said.


The China Development Foundation firmly believes that “education is the best investment,” and continuously launches talent development initiatives to support the younger generation to expand their potential and pursue their dreams. The "Spot the Talent" summer camp not only shows the achievements of the Foundation's talent cultivation, but also creates an opportunity for CDF Group's colleagues and their families to participate and enrich their lives.


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