CDF “Heritage 100 X Tutelage 100” program generating high social return on investment; creating NT$4.45 of social value per NT$1 invested

Sep 18, 2019
Press Release

China Development Financial (hereinafter referred to as “CDF”) says that this year is the thirteenth anniversary of “Heritage 100 X Tutelage 100”, an after-school tutor program initiated by the China Development Foundation. The program has invested a total of NT$65mn, providing financial aid to 1,300 college students who help over 1,300 school children and their families. In addition, Social Return on Investment (SROI) system has been introduced this year, which uses quantified data to assess social influence. According to the analysis, the program creates NT$4.45 in social value for every NT$1 investment.

On September 5, Yu-Ling Kuo, Senior Executive Vice President of CDF met with 100 college students selected from colleges nationwide to participate in the program in the coming year. She saw that these students committed to assisting underprivileged students in their studies with love and patience.

Ms. Kuo said that while she has been working in the life insurance fields for 40 years, she has continuously participated in charity for children. She is always touched when reading thank-you cards sent by assisted children. Currently she is also the Vice Chairman of China Life, a subsidiary of CDF. She said that CDF and its subsidiaries commit to pursuing the goal of “We Care, We Share, We Link” to give back to the society. The program is the embodiment of the spirit.

There are many inspiring and touching stories from the program. For instance, Chen Liang-jin, who received financial aid for four straight years, found out that a junior high school student (in his senior year) he was tutoring was not interested in academic studies but was rather talented in cooking. He then made a financial plan for the student and guided him to enroll in a culinary school. The student graduated from the culinary school in June this year and now works as a chef at a renowned restaurant in Taipei. With stable income, the student is able to improve his family’s financial conditions and has made his mother very proud of him.

Another instance is Wang Yu-zhen, a National University of Tainan student who has received financial aid for two straight years from the program. She helped schoolchildren gain confidence via continued encouragement and praise. She was touched by and could not forget the children she tutored as those children’s attitudes changed from giving up to giving it a try. One student’s teacher even called her “the girl missed you and wanted your companion.” She said she wanted to continue to help those children improve even after she finished the program.  

China Development Foundation has been engaging in charity activities since it was founded in 1999. Its subsidiaries China Life, KGI Bank, KGI Securities and CDIB Capital Group have all combined their businesses and the concept of giving back to society to implement social responsibilities. They also promote various projects for public good via China Development Foundation and KGI Charity Foundation, such as “Little Flying Elephant Project”,“Vocational Education Scholarship ” and “Nutrition 100”, to narrow the gap between urban areas and the countryside and give back to society to benefit different social classes.

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