China Development Financial Leads the Recruitment of 2022 Management Associates, Expanding the Subjects to University Graduates. The “YOUth LEADership (YouLead)” Program Creates Career Development Plans

Oct 20, 2021
Press Release

In October of this year, China Development Financial (hereinafter referred to as “CDF”) has partnered with its subsidiaries to begin the recruitment of management associates (for 2022), by hosting three online recruitment seminars at the end of October. For the first time this year, CDF has expanded the recruitment subjects to university graduates. The purpose of this program is to cultivate professional financial elites while creating personal career development plans for these management associates.

CDF emphasized that this talent program, YOUth LEADership (YouLead), will last 18 months. Compared to management associate program launched in previous years, the YOUth LEADership (YouLead) program will focus on planning personal career development plans for the management associates selected. Because management associate recruitment is typically held in February or March of the current year, many applicants wanting to join the financial industry must handle multiple companies in a short time, leaving them with little time to prepare. CDF has moved the recruitment to October of this year and the deadline is November 7. The shortlist for management associates is expected to be released in January next year. A series of early training will be held before official commencement in July. CDF is dedicated to becoming the leading financial company in Asia that’s why over 40 management associates with salaries over a million a year are expected to be recruited this year.

Besides management associates, CDF organized summer internships for the first time this year to discover excellent talent early. During summer this year, a total of seven excellent university students and graduate students joined the team at CDF online through the hardships of the pandemic. The summer internship program will become part of routine recruitment and one of the channels for students to join the financial industry.

The launch of this program will further strengthen CDF’s ABCDE (Accelerate Digital, Become Employer of Choice, Customer Focus, Drive Growth, and Execution Excellence) strategy and in this particular case more specifically B for Become Employer of Choice. For management associates, besides participating in the YouLead program, they will have the opportunity to directly work with CDF Group's international financial senior managers to experience diverse work models and connect with the international markets early in their careers.

Talent from multiple fields is needed because the group’s business covers areas spanning from life insurance, banking, securities to venture capital/private equities. Anyone with high ambitions, a sense of responsibility, willingness to learn, excellent work ethic and dedication to excellence is welcome to become part of CDF! (CDF Management Associate YouLead Program

Online seminar for 2022 YOUth LEADership program recruitment

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