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Maximize the Assets and Move Towards a New Era of Digital Finance
We continuously optimize the asset scale and structure, to improve the investment efficiency and return on shareholders' equity under a strategy based on dynamic risk management and reducing evaluation fluctuation. We also launch innovative services focused on the development of pure Digital finance
Actively Lay Out Asia Pacific Financial Services to Create Win-Win Results for Our Customers
We have planned to set up branches in Greater China and Southeast Asia. In addition, we jointly established"Suyin KGI Co.,Ltd." with Bank of Jiangsu, looking forward to foster the exchange of consumer finance in order to expand our consumer finance business.
Our Service
Corporate Finance

We offer diversified and corresponding financial services to innovative micro companies, medium and large enterprises and large group customers, including private equity funds. We provide upstream, middle and downstream supplier business for large and group enterprise customers, and offer project financing as the main axis to provide structured financed solutions. At the same time, we also provide cross-border trade business, short-term financing with supply chain cash flow, and asset guarantee or joint loan (middle term loan in 5 years) for unlisted companies with a certain scale. In addition, we also provide all-round enterprise strategies such as credit granting, foreign exchange hedging, cash management and trade financing.

Personal Finance

Adhering to the customer priority development policy, we continue to strengthen the digital service experience and strive to achieve financial objectives at all stages of our life together. We have launched a new generation of customer planning, covering a full range of diversified commodities, insurance planning system, asset allocation and investment management consulting. At the same time, according to each people's financial needs at different stages, we focus on and carefully analyze the operation to provide exclusive financial solutions.

Global Market

The global markets division provides domestic and foreign individuals, corporates and financial institutions with cash and derivative financial products and transactions, including currency, foreign exchange, interest rate, commodity, stock warrant and other financial derivatives. The scope of business covers financial markets of major nations and economies across the world. Aiming to provide an efficient and competitive service, through long-term close cooperation, not only KGI Bank is the leading bank in domestic market, but also it has become a close trading partner with major international banks. Through transactions with international banks, the global markets division of KGI Bank has grasped the development trend of novel financial products, and has relied on the efforts of financial engineering personnel to provide domestic and foreign individual investors, institutional investors and financial peers with competitively-priced products that are more in line with their needs.

Digital Transformation

A newly created role is one that reflects our effort to not only keep up with the disruption in the banking industry, but to stay ahead of it all while keeping customers interest at heart and keeping him informed. The role is a conduit between the technical, product, service and the customer. The transformation team will set the tone, spur enthusiasm, and challenge current wisdom. They will accept nothing without facts and independent analysis. Goal of transformation at our bank is really the ability to respond faster to the changing customer needs leveraging the available tools and technologies – to move fast, but with discipline. With an ability to strike the right balance between short-term improvement and long-term value. Transformation team will deep dive into various initiatives and make sure that they are interconnected. Transformation will be customer led – it is the client (retail, commercial and corporate) that will be is at the centre of the transformation. Everyone has the same basic needs – they want to save time, save money and stay secure. That may mean better straight-through onboarding and processing of transactions, more automated and cost-effective processes. Approach to transformation is centered on four main pillars. 1. Create a front end – both physical and digital, that is intuitive and easy to use. Consumers now expect their banking services to be as easy to use. New digital channels, new processes, new branch layout, etc. 2. Open data and open banking - markets are moving toward 'open' architecture models, our transformation initiatives will move us toward an Open Banking environment which, in turn, will open opportunities for us to serve clients in new and secure ways.” 3. Exploring how emerging technologies – ML, AI, NLP might help the organization achieve its transformation goals faster, more efficiently, and more effectively. 4. A flexible and agile banking system - modernize banking systems and infrastructure to deliver efficiency and offer the most current capabilities, all while maintaining safety.

Innovative Finance

The innovative spirit of KGI inside has inspired us to support the top digital experience. At the same time, we share this innovative spirit with our customers to build a new future for Taiwan's innovative finance. Through fragmentation, modularization, API and other technical capabilities, we take care of every daily financial service you need, such as online payment, cash flow custody, mobile identity authentication, big data analysis, etc. KGI inside enables new service providers to easily and quickly integrate with financial services.

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