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With "Committed to Your Prosperity" as our mission and vision, we offer a comprehensive range of financial services, including deposits, remittances, loans, payments, credit cards, investments, and wealth management. Our goal is to enhance customer experiences by embracing digitalization, leveraging financial technological innovations, and utilizing big data analytics.
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First Successful Case of Taiwan's Financial Regulatory Sandbox Innovative Experiment
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We are committed to innovation and research of digital financials and continuous promotion of online and offline channels, while utilizing CDF group resources to increase product penetration, expand customer base and enhance business synergy
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Personal Banking

We provide customer-centric services by offering personal financial services such as deposits, credit cards, wealth management and fund scheduling, and actively investing in digital transformation, building various digital platforms and integrating innovation and big data to meet customers' financial needs in different stages and provide a convenient online service experience.

"KGI inside" is the first, digital financial service model that provides FinTech businesses an easy bridge with innovative services. Through fragmentation, modularization and API technologies, innovative service providers can easily, and quickly connect with financial services to create more business opportunities, save development costs and focus on building the best user experience

Corporate Banking

KGI Bank provides diverse and corresponding financial services for startups, micro-enterprises, SMEs, large enterprises and private equities. We also provide upstream, midstream and downstream supplier services and comprehensive financing solutions emphasizing on project financing products for clients. In addition, we provide cross-border trade businesses, short-term financing with supply chain cash flow, sustainable/green energy project financing and asset-backed loan or under 5 years mid-term syndicated loan for unlisted or listed companies. Corporate strategic services such as credits, foreign exchange hedging, cash management and trade financing are provided as well.

The global market division provides currency, foreign exchange, interest rate, commodity, equity security of spot market and derivative financial product trading in major countries and regions' financial markets for domestic and overseas customers. With its long mastering of market trends and product research and development, KGI Bank is not only a major dealer of domestic banking-related products, but also an excellent trading partner of major international banks. By participating in international financial markets, we grasp various development trends of new financial products; with the efforts of our financial engineering professionals, we provide more competitive, suitable products for domestic and overseas customers and peers of financial industries.

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Main Business
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Our leadership team consists of seasoned professionals sharing an entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative mindset.
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