Internship Recruitment
Step into the company's operation, see the real enterprise operation challenges, and sow the first seed of your career with us.
Three Steps for Application
Let's move forward to the dream blueprint step-by-step.
Recruitment Email
Step 1
Send resume
Prepare a CV in Chinese and English, fill in and prepare the required documents, and send them to the talent recruitment mailbox at Within two weeks we will reply as to whether you can go on to the next stage of the application.
Step 2
Interviews and professional testing for the different positions will be arranged for candidates who pass the first stage. The direct supervisor and HR will jointly lead the interview.
Step 3
Join us
After the interview, the competent candidates will be selected by the supervisors involved, and the job offer will be sent within two weeks. Please pay attention to your email at all times.
I want to apply for the position of CDF. Where do I send my CV?
We have full information on job vacancies and applications in "Talent Recruitment" on the official website and major human resource banks. You can choose the position most suitable for you and send us your CV.
I have no financial background or relevant working experience. Can I join CDF?
Of course. We welcome talents with diverse backgrounds and innovative thinking. Education backgrounds are not the key. There are opportunities for you to give full rein to your expertise here.
How can I write my CV to stand out among candidates?
We suggest that you use concise and powerful descriptions to strengthen the connection between your personal characteristics and job vacancies, and use specific examples and data to support the experiences and abilities you want to highlight, so that HR can see your excellent performance at a glance.
I already sent my CV. When will I be notified?
Usually we will followup with you within two weeks. Please be patient. Meanwhile, we suggest that you check your email to ensure that there are no missed emails.
After the CV review, how can I prepare for the interview to increase my opportunity?
First of all, you should have a very clear idea of your characteristics, experiences, motivation, and be able to carefully check whether the company and position you apply for are consistent with your desired career. Think about what questions we may ask in advance, prepare your best answers, and practise more. Show your best side at the interview.
How to prepare for the interview day? Are there any special requirements?
We suggest that you arrive at the interview site early to familiarise yourself with the environment, or tell us that you have arrived 5-10 minutes earlier for interview preparation. Appropriate dress and look can not only show the professional attitude of job seekers, but also their consistency with the corporate culture and work content. The most important thing is to be able to maintain self-confidence and deal with the whole process calmly in front of the different supervisors and questions.
Do I need to wear a suit or formal dress every day to work in CDF?
If you don't need to face your client directly or there is no important meeting on that day, we encourage you to dress comfortably and professionally and give full rein to your creativity in your work.
Share Application Information
With enthusiasm, professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit, we promote the continuous growth of the Group and create a sustainable common good.