Occupational Safety
In order to reduce the work risk of employees and contractors, we are committed to promoting workplace safety.
Health Care and Workplace Safety

CDF actively establishes a high-quality working environment and a workplace taking into account physical and mental health. The Company started introducing ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Safety and Health Management System in 2020 to improve workplace health and safety. In 2021, KGIS passed the certification, covering all employees in the scope. CDF also issued the “CDF Occupational Safety and Healthy Policy” in 2022, which was approved by CEO and applicable to the whole Company. We are committed to continuous improvement of our occupational safety and health management system, and will develop action plans for high-risk issues based on the results of risk assessments and establish quantitative targets for improvement. The Company solicits internal opinions in a wide range, and strengthens the relevant management mechanisms.


In addition, CL has completed the establishment of an “Occupational Safety and Health Committee”, consisting of 1 chairman and 7 members, including 4 labor representatives, accounting for 50% of the total number of members. The committee meets regularly every quarter to discuss issues related to occupational safety and health risks.

Health Care and Workplace Safety

Type of risk Prevention and mitigation measures

Employee Care

  • Provide health checks that are better than legal requirements
  • Perform employment that is better than legal requirements of contract professional nurses, and provide health consultation of occupational disease and general injury on a regularly basis
  • Care for employees who suffer accidental injuries or are hospitalized due to illness
  • Promote the information on infectious disease prevention and health-care through internal website, e-mails or electronic bulletin boards, with a total of 49 issues

Health Management

  • 31 health talks were held to promote health and relieve stress
  • Signs with professional institutions to provide employees with psychological counseling

Occupational Safety Facilities

  • The Company has installed automated external defibrillators (AED), blood pressure meters, wheelchairs and other facilities. China Life Insurance has received the AED certification issued by Ministry of Health and Welfare; KGIB and KGIS have an infirmary in place
  • Our colleagues have obtained the certificate of “Indoor Air Quality Maintenance and Management Specialist”
  • Implement automatic inspection of workplace facilities, and environmental monitoring (including carbon dioxide concentration and workplace illumination) in the first and second half of the year

Workplace Hazard risk Assessment

  • Four major programs: Overwork-related diseases prevention management program, Human-caused harm prevention program, Maternity health protection program, and Workplace violence prevention program

Occupational Accident Response

  • Conduct maintenance and report of workplace fire safety facilities and buildings in the workplace on a regular basis
  • Set up fire safety administrators and self-defense groups to hold fire alarm drills and evacuation drills every year as required by law
  • Actively cooperate and participate in joint fire drills or emergency evacuation drills held by building management committees to strengthen employees’ resilience against contingencies
  • Develop emergency response plans and notification mechanisms
  • KGIB has organized a total of 104 anti-robbery drills

Workplace Facilities and Activities

  • Have a staff gym better than legal requirements
  • Sign contracts with fitness centers to assist employees to set up health-promoting clubs (currently 82 in total)
  • Operate an employee canteen better than legal requirements to offer healthy, nutritious and delicious lunches and set a monthly “no-red-meat day” campaign to support carbon reduction
  • Establish breast-feeding facilities better than legal requirements, which have been accredited as “Excellent” by the Taipei City Government
  • CDIB, KGIS, and CL receive the “Healthy Workplace” certification from the Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Social Care

  • KGIB employed four visually-disabled masseurs as full-time employees since September 2018, who work four hours every day to help other CDF employees relax. A 15-minute massage is free of charge. The service has been well-received, with about 1,602 employees receiving massage services in 2021

Response to COVID-19

  • Set up an “Epidemic Response Team”, establish a notification mechanism, keep abreast of the latest news and policies, and implement epidemic prevention measures
  • Implement remote and home office, promote telephone and video conferences, and distribute rapid testing kits in response to the government's epidemic prevention policies
Note: Due to COVID-19, fire evacuation training (drills) and environmental monitoring in some offices were suspended in the first half of the year. Cancer screening, blood donation, influenza vaccination and some first-aid courses (AED+CPR) were also suspended.
Occupational Safety Data

We provide employees practical training courses on workplace health and safety, including proper computer postures and habits, to help employees who use computers for daily work manage their health.

Occupational Safety Courses

Occupational Safety Courses 2018 2019 2020 2021

Total sessions





Total training hours










Participation ratio





Note: Employees are required to take relevant courses for 3 hours or more accumulatively every 3 years. The number of trainees was 12,594 in 2019, 14,408 in 2020 and 4,284 in 2021.
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