Employee Wellbeing
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Human Rights Policy
Human Rights Commitment and Assessment 

CDF strictly abides by local labor laws, respects and supports various international human rights conventions, including various international human rights standards such as the “UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” the “UN Global Compact,” the “UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights,” and the “UN International Labor Organization.” The Company has a “CDF Human Rights Commitment” in place since 2017. In order to strengthen human rights management, the Company amended the relevant provisions of the CDF Human right commitment in 2021, covering the Company's employees and suppliers with approval from Board of Directors before promulgation. In 2022, all permanent employees of the Group in Taiwan (excluding the field permanent employees of China Life Insurance) were scheduled to take the required courses in “human right commitment” and the completion rate was 100%. The Company also formulated the “Safety and Health Work Code” and “Handling Procedures for Sexual Harassment Prevention, Compliant and Investigation” to stipulate the responsible units for all related issues, educational training and compliant mechanism, in order to build a working conforming to human right. The related regulations are placed on the internal corporate website for review at any time.  

Starting 2017, the Company has conducted Human Rights Due Diligence every year based on the CDF Human Rights Commitment and evaluation of corporate operation, value chain activity and the establishment of new business relation (e.g. merger, acquisition, and joint venture), monitored the implementation and risk impact of human rights-related issues, and actively stands firmly in opposition to any conduct that may infringe upon human rights. In 2022, the Company issued questionnaires to 100% permanent employees, with 1,028 valid questionnaires were recovered, accounting for 7.5% of all permanent employees.


The Company requires all employees to take human rights-related promotion courses and workplace harassment and discrimination prevention courses every year. In 2022, the training hours totaled 17,097 hours, and the total number of trainees was 16,693 person-times. In 2022, CDF has not committed any human rights violations, or suffered from any labor-related penalties.

Human Rights Commitment and Risk Issues Identification Questionnaire
Human Rights Policy
Human Rights Policy
Human Rights Risk Issues Identification and Assessment
Human Rights Risk Issues Identification and Assessment
Remuneration Mechanism

The Company adopts a performance-oriented compensation and bonus system is, taking into consideration the market competitiveness, linking operating results with individual performance, to achieving a triple-win outcome for employees, the Company and shareholders. Salary conditions for all employees are in compliance with the labor laws and regulations of the place of operation. Employees' starting salary are determined based on their professional ability and the position held, following the rules of equal appointment. We provide competitive salary for employees, the maximum starting salary for new graduates is 2.7 times of the legal basic salary. Employee compensation includes basic salary, allowances and variable bonuses, as well as annual performance bonuses based on overall business results and individual performance, so as to optimize the resource allocation, achieve outstanding performance or enable special contributors to receive corresponding rewards. The 2022 Employee Engagement Survey Report shows that, regardless of employees or organizations, they all agree that employees shall be rewarded for their contributions. The Company participates in the market salary survey every year. The independent directors of the remuneration committee also review the remuneration system. The Company adjust employee salary based on the market salary level, economic trend and individual performance, promote outstanding talents through a fair and continuous promotion mechanism, and offer those higher positions and better pay. In 2022, the Company's average salary increase rate was 4%, and that for excellent employees was more than 10%. The Company's remuneration policy for directors and managers shall be implemented and reviewed in accordance with the provisions of Remuneration Committee. Please refer to “2.1.4 Remuneration Policy” for details.

2022 Average Male and Female Salary Comparison
EMPLOYEE LEVEL (DOMESTIC)  Male Female Female: Male

Executive Management (Base Salary)




Executive Management(Base Salary + other cash incentives)




Entry and Middle Management (Base Salary)




Entry and Middle Management(Base Salary + other cash incentives)








Benefits System
We have long held improving the health and wellbeing of our employees as part of our business philosophy. Since 2017, CDF has implemented the “Employee Caring and Health Care Projects” to provide a better work environment, medical consultations, and health examinations, providing all permanent employees with welfare and retirement system better than the Labor Standard Act. In addition to more annual leave than required by the Labor Standards Act, we offer employees group insurances, as well as accident insurance, hospitalization/healthcare insurance. All of these are the concrete actions we take to take care of our employees and their family members. We have also designed a more flexible career plan for employees qualified for voluntary retirement which is superior to the law of labor. Since 2019, we have offered maternity allowances, more flexible work arrangements, and childcare service rendered by third-party partners, to help improve the declining birth rate. In 2022, we launched the “Our Wellbeing,” including physical health, mental health, and financial health to improve employee welfare through more measures caring for employees, and thereby build the best brand in employers.

Employee Caring and Health Care Projects

Project Content

Flexible working hours

CDF provides flexible working hours with 30 minutes of grace period before/after the scheduled clock-in/clock-out time, so that employees can take care of their young children. Moreover, employees can choose to start their lunch break early or late by 30 minutes to balance work and rest.

Working-from-home arrangements

In response to COVID-19, CDF has formulated the “Workplace Epidemic Response Plan.” During the pandemic, we provided effective information system support and offered working from home arrangements to maintain business continuity. Moreover, daily transportation allowances were provided to employees who commute to work.

Allowances for COVID-19 vaccinations

In the early stage of the COVID-19 outbreak, we provided colleagues with allowances for vaccinations.

Strengthen group insurance coverage

We insure our employees with epidemic prevention insurance - “New Group Hospitalization Medical Health Insurance for Statutory Infectious Disease,” included in the group insurance coverage in 2022.

Childcare contribution

CDF subsidiaries have contracted respectively with external childcare centers to provide preferential childcare service for employees. We also sign contract with Hess Preschools and after-school care centers as well as other child-care institutions by offering NT$1400 in discount for the registration fees with after-school care centers, NT$500~1000 in discount towards the first month of monthly fees for every semester of English schools, 10% off registration fees with Guang Hwa Kindergarten, NT2000 waiver for after-school care, and donations of school supplies for EBC YoYo and M Riders Kindergartens.

Employee Assistance Program

CDF Values the psychological health of employees and has provided permanent employees with EAP assistance program since 2018. Starting June 2022, the applicable objects of the program are expanded to non-permanent employees such as dispatched or contractual personnel. The program assists employees to deal with their personal (psychological, marital, parenting, and emotional) and work and life related (stress, communication, legal) difficulties, so that employees and partners can receive timely and professional consultation and assistance when faced with challenges.

Childcare Benefits
We offer a maternity allowance up to NT$20,000 per child to make contribution in resolving the crisis of declining birth rate and provide 20 breastfeeding rooms.

Parental Leave without Pay

Parental Leave Male Female Total

Number of Eligible Applicants




Number Applied




Number to be reinstated




Number reinstated




Reinstatement rate (%)




Number reinstated for more than 1 year in that year




Retention Rate for Reinstatement from Previous Year (%)




Note: ​
1. Eligible applicants in 2022 included the aggregate of employees asking for maternity leave and male employees applying for a maternity allowance only.​
2. Reinstatement Rate = Number reinstated / Number to be reinstated ​
3. Retention rate for reinstatement from previous year= Number reinstated for more than 1 year in that year / Number reinstated from previous year (the reasons for retention less than one year after reinstatement could include the voluntary resignation and re-application for leave without pay). ​
Employee Insurance and Retirement System

We offer employees with complete group insurance, including fixed-term life insurance, accident insurance, hospitalization/healthcare insurance, and cancer insurance; extending epidemic insurance into long-term group insurances that offer comprehensive protection. We also provide travel insurance for employees on business trips. Employees' dependents can also be enrolled in accident, hospitalization/healthcare, cancer, and other policies. At the same time, CDF takes care of the employees' family by providing injury health care, hospitalization health care and cancer insurance to spouses and children of employees, as well as providing preferential programs in injury and medical care for the parents of employee's spouses.

In accordance with the “Labor Standards Act” and “the Labor Pension Act”, we have formulated an “Employee Retirement Code,” make monthly pension contributions to employees' personal accounts maintained by the Labor Pension Supervisory Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Old System) and the personal account for pension fund (hereinafter referred to as the New System). Old System: Each year a statutory 2%~15% shall be set aside according to the actuarial report. Before the end of a fiscal year, the Company estimates the difference between the balance of the personal account and the total pension payable in the next year, and then makes up the difference. The retirement contributions are completely separated from the Company and not included in the financial statements. New System: 6% of labor insurance salary bracket to be set aside by law. At present, the new defined contribution plan applies to all employees except those who chose to apply the defined benefit plan of the Old System before July 1, 2005, all other employees shall be applied with new pension plan. Please refer to the Company's “Financial Report - 33. RETIREMENT BENEFIT PLAN” for the amount of annual pension contributions. The Company developed the “Employee Retirement Standards” according to the Labor Standards Act and the Enforcement Rules of the Labor Pension Act. Employees of the Company are granted pensions according as employee retirement benefits according to the standards, which applies to the president, manager and general employees without additional severance pay or retirement benefit system.

In 2022 and 2021, total pension reserves amounted to NT$654,144 thousand and NT$696,837 thousand, respectively. Overseas subsidiaries make contributions according to local regulations. In 2022 and 2021, total pension reserves were NT$2,308 thousand and NT$2,181 thousand, respectively.

Plan 2020 2021 2022

Present value of defined benefit obligation




Fair value of plan assets




Net defined benefit liabilities




Occupational Safety
In order to reduce the work risk of employees and contractors, we are committed to promoting workplace safety.