Become a YouLead
Seize the opportunity to enroll in our 18-month YouLead program, a transformative journey that will open brand new horizons in your career.
Three Steps for Application
Let's move forward to the dream blueprint step-by-step.
Step 1
Online Application

Visit our Careers section and explore the latest job vacancies. Click on "Apply" button and start your online application immediately. 

The system is unavailable for global maintenance every Saturday at 3:00 PM. Please apply on the next day.

Step 2
Interview and Selection
Once your application has been accepted, we will send an interview notification to your email account. Interviews and professional tests for the various positions will be arranged at your earliest convenience.
Step 3
Join Us
After the interview, candidates who meet our criteria will be chosen through our internal selection process. If you are selected, you will receive a job offer along with onboarding details.
I want to apply for a position at CDF. Where do I send my CV?
We have full information on job vacancies and applications in the "Talent Recruitment" section of our official website. Please choose the position most suitable for you and start your online application.
I have no financial background or relevant working experience. Can I join CDF?
Certainly. If you aim to cultivate your expertise and embrace customer focus, agile innovation, team contribution, partnership collaboration, trust-winning ability, and high efficiency in execution, you are the one we are seeking.
How can I write my CV to stand out from other candidates?
We value concise and substantial resumes and self-introductions, especially those that strengthen the connection between your personal characteristics and the job vacancies you apply for. Providing specific examples and data to support the experiences and abilities you wish to highlight will be crucial.
I already sent my CV. When will I be notified?
After we receive your application, we will immediately conduct a review of your profile and documents. If you pass the review, a dedicated person will contact you to arrange an interview. We suggest you check your email regularly so you don’t miss our correspondence.
After the CV review, how can I prepare for the interview to increase my chances?
First of all, you should have a very clear idea of your characteristics, experiences, and motivation, and check carefully whether the company and position you apply for are consistent with your desired career. Think about what questions we may ask in advance. Deliver your genuine answers. Show us your best side in the interview.
How should I prepare for the interview? Are there any special requirements?
We suggest you arrive early to familiarize yourself with the environment. Upon your arrival, please sign in at the reception desk for a visitor's badge. Appropriate clothing and presentation not only shows a professional attitude, but also consistency with our corporate culture and work content. The most important thing is to be able to maintain self-confidence and deal with the entire process calmly in front of the different supervisors and questions.
Do I need to wear a suit or formal dress every day to work in CDF?
When facing clients, attending important events, participating in board meetings, or representing the company externally, business attire is required. Apart from these situations, please feel free to wear casual clothes to enjoy comfort in the office, while adhering to appropriate and compliant dressing standards.
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