We have been committed to becoming the sustainable asset management firm by delivering the investment solutions to our clients, to proactively participating the environmental, social, governance activities for building a mutually beneficial, sustainable society.
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We aim to become clients’ NEXT investment partner: N - know clients’ needs (Needs) ; E – Evolve investment products including ETFs and active funds (Evolution), X – create easier customer investment experience (eXperience), and T - be a trustworthy (Trustworthy) asset management firm.
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KGI SITE launched “business transformation program” starting early 2018. We not only provide the comprehensive product lines, but also keep upgrading the client services to institutional clients, intermediary clients and retail clients for becoming the trusted asset management firm.
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In order to meet institutional clients’ explosive investment needs for overseas fixed income ETF products, we launched 1st fixed income ETF in Sept 2018. Our fixed income ETFs have been recognized by Taiwan big lifers. In order to meet retail clients’ strong investment needs for Taiwan equity passive products, we launched 1st Taiwan equity ETF with innovative multi-factor investment strategy in August 2022. In June 2023, we co-work with Bloomberg to launch innovative global equity ETF for investing in the global 55 best companies across 11 sectors. Looking forward, we will continue to launch equity ETFs to meet retail clients’ explosive needs for their retirement investment plan.

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In order to provide the most competitive and innovative active investment products, we partnered with world-class asset management firms to launch the active mutual funds including Target-date funds, ESG bond funds, multi-asset funds and global equity funds for the intermediary clients, corporate clients and high-net worth clients. In order to provide the retirement products for the retail clients, we have been launched 5 multi-asset funds invested in Taiwan and global market respectively since 2019. The investment classes includes equity, convertible bonds, preferred stocks,…etc.

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We provide the tailor-made products based on the clients’ niche needs. For example, we successfully launched the products for investing Taiwan convertible corporate bonds, global equity trend products for the different corporate clients and high-net worth clients since 2020.

Mandate Business

Innovative multi-factor investment strategy in Taiwan equity market. 


As the late comer to Taiwan equity mandate market, we launched innovative multi-factor investment strategies in early 2019. We are ready to pitch the government Taiwan equity mandate given proven track record of Taiwan multi-factor investment strategies.



Source: SITCA, From 2018/2 to 2023/5

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