We are committed to sustainable asset management, delivering investment solutions while being environmentally and socially proactive, to build a mutually beneficial and sustainable society.
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We strive to be our clients' NEXT investment ally: N – Navigating opportunities suited to our clients' NEEDS E – Enabling profitability by EVOLVING our services X – Excelling at optimizing the customer EXPERIENCE T – Thriving as a TRUSTWORTHY asset management firm
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KGI SITE initiated its "Business Transformation Program", beginning in early 2018. We offer a comprehensive range of products, and continuously enhance our services to institutional, intermediary, and retail clients. Our aim is to solidify our reputation as a trusted asset management firm.
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In 2018, we launched our first fixed income ETF. Quickly recognized by major Taiwanese insurers, we introduced Taiwan's first equity ETF with a multi-factor strategy for retail investors. June 2023 marked our collaboration with Bloomberg in launching a global equity ETF targeting top global companies. We continue expanding our equity ETF offerings, focusing on retail clients' retirement investment needs.

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We collaborate with leading global asset management firms to offer competitive active investment products. Our diverse portfolio includes target-date funds, ESG bond funds, multi-asset funds, and global equity funds, serving intermediary, corporate, and high-net-worth clients. Since 2019, we've launched five multi-asset funds focused on retirement needs, investing in Taiwan and global markets, covering equities, convertible bonds, preferred stocks, and more.

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Our team, drawing on its extensive experience, tailors niche products for clients, such as investments in convertible corporate bonds, and global equity trend products for various corporate and high-net worth clients, starting from 2020.

Mandate Business

Recognized for our professional and innovative asset management capabilities, we tailor niche products for institutional clients and fulfill investors' mandates. We launched our innovative multi-factor investment strategy in the Taiwan equity market in early 2019. With our proven track record, we are now ready to pitch for the government's Taiwan equity mandate.

Source: SITCA, From 2018/2 to 2024/06

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Our leadership team consists of seasoned professionals sharing an entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative mindset.
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