Talent Recruitment
Join us to build a leading financial company in Asia.
Key Personalities
We look forward to working with each unique and courageous one of you to achieve a more sustainable and innovative future.
People Well-Guided and Beyond the Unknown
With the paradigm shift of the industrial environment, the talents we are looking for are customer-centred, have the ability to explore needs with empathy and solve problems, deal with changeable and complex situations, overcome uncertainty and find innovative solutions in obscurities to achieve outstanding results.
Strategic Leadership and Responsibility Taking
As a member of the team, we expect everyone to be a leader. In addition to the judgmental ability of strategic thinking, you are also expected to have the ability to take the goal as your own responsibility, so that the team can not only give full rein to the value of 1 + 1 > 2, but also drive and multiply benefits through the active common good, and earn great achievements in self-realisation and project results.
Grow with Us
In addition to competitive remuneration packages, we offer a comprehensive on-the-job growth plan along with various training programs. We strive to continuously strengthen our employees' skill sets and capabilities, encouraging them to pursue long-term and balanced career development.
Introducing Our "3E Growth Equation" Training Plan
"3E Growth Equation" is an on-the-job training plan, encompassing Education, Experience, and Exposure, serving as a personalized development roadmap for each employee. Join us and thrive with "3E Growth Equation" for continuous learning, hands-on experience, and abundant opportunities. We love to see you in this dynamic journey for mutual success.
Are You Ready?
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Explore how we embrace an entrepreneurial spirit and a growth mindset to create the best opportunities for each employee in our sustainability journey.