KGI Life
We are a top recommended life insurance company dedicated to serving our clients with sustainable finance solutions, strong corporate governance, and expert risk management.
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Sustainable Finance
Sustainable finance is at the core of our operations. We actively integrate our resources and promote digital finance. With our prudent investment strategy, we manage risks effectively, setting us apart as one of the few companies in the industry to maintain long-term positive interest margins.
Steady Growth
Known for our prudent and resilient investment strategies, we are the only large insurance company in Taiwan that avoided the subprime mortgage crisis. In recent years, we have continually acquired Winterthur Life's Taiwan Branch and Prudential's Taiwan operations, strengthening our core channels in Taiwan while simultaneously expanding into the Greater China market as part of our broader global strategy.
Our Services
Life Insurance

We offer insurance products covering life, group, accident and investment-linked areas, ranging from personal life, health, injury coverage, variable annuities, travel safety to universal insurance. We partner with numerous financial channels, including insurance agents, banks, group insurers, brokerage agents, and financial advisers.

Use of Funds

We invest in securities, real estate, overseas markets, loans, and other foreign investments, all in compliance with relevant regulations.

Meet Our Teams
Our leadership team consists of seasoned professionals sharing an entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative mindset.
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