Toward Innovation and Sustainability
Join CDF, a leading financial company embracing innovation and talent to craft sustainable financial solutions benefiting our employees, customers, shareholders, and society.
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"We continuingly strive to deliver four core values through our services – customer-centricity, trustworthiness, entrepreneurship and collaboration."
Paul Yang
Vice Chairman
Talent Is Our Most Valuable Investment
We cultivate our core value of innovation with industry-leading professionalism and vision. Talent is our most pivotalresource that propels our sustainable growth. 
Solid training
With complete and diversified training such as courses, professional licences, rotation and exclusive tutoring, and with the way of sharing knowledge, practice and experience, you can lay a solid foundation for your career and give full rein to your strengths.
Continuous Learning
Learning is the driving force of growth. We will continue to plan personal growth plans related to your major and future development, so that you can go to a higher level at every stage of your career.
Leadership vision
Our subsidiaries include CDIB Capital Group, KGI Bank, KGI Securities, KGI Life Insurance and KGI SITE, with nearly 300 business sites and more than 12,000 employees around the world. You can accumulate international strength and vision in this deep and wide professional environment.
Growth with Us
Beyond offering competitive opportunities, we provide a robust on-the-job growth strategy complemented by diverse training initiatives. Our commitment is to consistently enhance our employees' skills and potential, motivating them towards a sustainable and well-rounded career progression.
Personalized Development Plan
Personalized Development Plan

We create a personal growth plan for employees, encompasses three stages of learning (Education, Experience, and Exposure) and acts as a development roadmap tailored to different expertise and personal needs.


Leadership / professional training/ Soft skill workshops / degree certification/ Skill-based training/ Language / digital learning platform/ Leverage social media to your learning advantage


Real -world rotations, job swap, duel role assignment, stretch assignment projects


leadership conference or a professional seminar/ Mentoring, reverse mentoring / Mentor programs, Coach programs/ shadowing programs

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Make a Difference
Unlock your brilliance with innovative professionals, and stride ahead with us in our sustainability journey.
Become a YouLead
Enroll in our "YouLead" MA program and embrace innovation to drive positive change. Become a "YouLead" and take the lead.
Participate in the company's operation on the spot, see the real operation challenges, and sow the first seed of your career with us.
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