CDF Holds Its Group Supplier Conference to Build a Sustainable Ecosystem

Apr 23, 2024
Press Release

China Development Financial Holdings (CDF) hosted the "2024 CDF Group Supplier Conference" on April 22nd, World Earth Day. The conference included a special lecture on "The Challenges and Opportunities of Taiwan's Supply Chain Amidst the Global Sustainability Wave". The objective of the conference was to collaborate with suppliers in achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

At the supplier conference, over a hundred vendors were in attendance. CDF took this opportunity to showcase its achievements in promoting corporate sustainability. Leveraging its corporate influence, CDF aims to collaborate with its suppliers to establish a sustainable supply chain.

Since 2017, CDF has been actively promoting sustainable supply chain management, working closely with its suppliers to foster the principles of corporate sustainability. The company consistently advocates for critical issues such as labor rights, environmental sustainability, and ethical business practices. From 2017 onwards, all suppliers have maintained a 100% signing rate for the "Supplier Sustainability Responsibility Commitment". Between 2018 and 2023, a total of 382 supplier evaluations were carried out. Additionally, CDF regularly hosts "Supplier Human Rights Risk and ESG Due Diligence" sessions, urging suppliers to pursue environmental labels or ISO certifications. This initiative assists suppliers in their transition towards greener practices and sustainable development.

CDF has invested over 1.3 billion in green procurement from 2017 to 2023, an effort that has garnered numerous awards for the company's dedication to eco-friendly practices. In addition, CDF has been an active participant in the carbon credit market, purchasing 3,000 tons of carbon credits. The company has also been steadily increasing its purchase of green electricity, thereby tangibly demonstrating its commitment to environmentally responsible procurement.

The supplier conference also invited Unity Sustainability Services Co., Ltd. to deliver a keynote speech on "The Challenges and Opportunities for Taiwan's Supply Chain under the Global Sustainability Wave". The presentation analyzed how suppliers can seize the trends and successfully transition in the context of net-zero and low-carbon transformation.

CDF is pioneering green procurement and refining procurement processes, beginning with its own operations. It extends these initiatives to include supplier ESG data assessments, yearly evaluations of suppliers, investigations into supplier human rights risks and ESG due diligence, annual accolades for exceptional suppliers, and promotion of ESG education and training for suppliers. Through these efforts, CDF is enhancing supplier sustainability management and collaborating with suppliers to build a sustainable ecosystem.


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