Cathy Fan

Information Technology Department, CDF

"The YouLead MA program provides a distinctive starting point and a steep growth curve. It presenting a rare opportunity for individuals eager to embrace challenges and achieve rapid growth."
Why CDF?
Integrated Business Strategy
"CDF charts the course with the ABCDE strategy. As someone keen on integrating information technology and business, the strategy of Accelerate Digital aligns perfectly with my career goals."
Abundant Resources and Opportunities for Growth
"The YouLead MA program not only provides me with the opportunity to learn from department heads and seniors, cultivating a high-level and comprehensive mindset, but also empowers me to take on key roles in crucial tasks. The challenges of cross-department communication, progress tracking, and crisis management have all contributed to my rapid growth."
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"If you thrive on challenges and are willing to adapt dynamically to changing situations at any time, then CDF is an good place for you to show your talents."
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Unlock your brilliance with innovative professionals, and stride ahead with us in our sustainability journey.
Become a YouLead
Enroll in our "YouLead" MA program and embrace innovation to drive positive change. Become a "YouLead" and take the lead.
Participate in the company's operation on the spot, see the real operation challenges, and sow the first seed of your career with us.
Claire Chuang /KGI Bank
"Joining KGI Bank's YouLead MA program opens doors to diverse rotation opportunities and provides an avenue to explore potential career paths."