Graduate with a job waiting; CDF’s MA online recruiting sees spike in traffic

Mar 23, 2020
Press Release

China Development Financial (hereinafter CDF) (TWSE: 2883) says that prospective applicants of the 2020 management associate (MA) program should submit their application no later than March 31. Current MAs have shared interview tips on successful applications and encouraged applicants to learn to be more expressive, more capable of getting things done, and more able to learn on one’s own, as these three abilities will help them stand out in the competition. CDF spokesperson Richard Chang notes that because of the COVID-19 outbreak this year, online MA recruiting has seen significantly greater traffic ( Also, for the first time, CDF has joined the social network LinkedIn to target a new generation of financial talents to join the Company.

CDF subsidiaries, including KGI Bank, KGI Securities, and China Life Insurance, are offering 20 MA vacancies this year, with training set to begin in July. KGI Bank’s and KGI Securities’ year-long training programs will provide MAs with individualized training and opportunities while being rotated among different departments. The programs focus on project-oriented and overseas training, with the goal to equip MAs with a top-down perspective of organization operations, and the capability to roll up their sleeves to get things done.

KGI Bank is building a learning-oriented organization in which its employees can adapt quickly to changes in the industry

KGI Bank notes that via the MA program, the Bank hopes to recruit young talents from diverse backgrounds. In addition to the business school graduates that the financial sector traditionally prefers, KGI Bank would also like to recruit talents in computer science, telecommunications, statistics, visual design, and other fields, and have them achieve their potential. The Bank’s goal is to create managerial professionals through individual programs that accommodate to each MA. All MAs will have the opportunity to play a role in strategic projects, which will allow them to gain strategic thinking and leadership skills.

In addition, KGI Bank continues to build a learning-oriented organization culture, which emphasizes on-the-job development. The Bank continues to offer its employees training programs, such as big data applications and customer service revamping. The programs are set to equip employees with the ability and competitiveness to adapt to rapidly-changing industry trends and provide scenarios to apply new skills.

KGI Securities features a cross-national operating platform on which Generation Z can broaden their global perspective

KGI Securities notes it is actively seeking talents from financial engineering, business, electrical engineering, and computer science fields. It is also recruiting IT, research analysts, investment traders, wealth management associates, and summer interns. The Company believes that with its cross-country operation platform, it can provide young talents with an international perspective. KGI Securities recommends students aspiring to come aboard to not only cultivate interest in the financial industry but learn to work under pressure, to communicate, to coordinate, and to be analytic in order to thrive in the volatile financial industry that is subject to global financial and economic policies. KGI Securities welcomes Generation Z applicants who are fluent in both written and spoken Mandarin and English, with a global perspective, innovative mindset, strong motivation, and the ability to adapt to changes.

China Life Insurance seeks versatile talents, breaking traditional job function boundaries

China Life Insurance’s MA training lasts two years. The goal is to cultivate talents who are capable of assuming managerial roles and international business management. During the training period, MAs will be rotated in different departments, and executives will be assigned to mentor them one on one. The President will also meet MAs regularly to offer guidance and share experiences so that MAs can familiarize themselves with the life insurance industry.

China Life Insurance notes that it is actively seeking MAs from the following fields, including FinTech applications, data analysis, financial engineering, business management, channel management, and marketing. China Life Insurance welcomes the slash generation and applies the slash mindset to its MA training programs.

Applicants with three certain capabilities are more likely to stand out in MA competition

The MA interview is competitive. Current CDF MAs encourages applicants to equip themselves with the three capabilities, that is, to be more expressive, more capable of getting things done, and more able to learn on one’s own. KGI Bank’s financial market MA Lin Zhong-wei says that there are three keys to preparing for an MA interview: knowing your CV, researching the company, and using precise wording in your CV, such as quantifying your achievements or performance. KGI Securities’ derivatives MA Zhang Yao notes that one’s ability to bridge theories and real-life practice is key to thriving. China Life Insurance MA Jing Hao-wei says that the life insurance industry is being challenged by the advent of FinTech, and that requires MAs to have teamwork capabilities. Chine Life Insurance, empowered by technology, allows MAs to achieve their greatest potential and enhance their soft and hard skills.

The 2020 Management Associate training program, which will last one year from July 2020, will familiarize selected MAs with CDF’s organization, corporate culture, strategies, and the nature, domain knowledge, and business of the units they are assigned to. At the same time, MAs will perform actual tasks while developing strong professional knowledge to become potential financial leaders for the Company.

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