CDF's Initiative in Regional Revitalization Recognized with ESG Awards from Global View Magazine

May 2, 2024
Press Release

China Development Financial Holdings (hereinafter referred to as "CDF") is committed to regional revitalization. This year, it has been honored with two awards at the 2024 Global Views ESG Corporate Sustainability Awards in the categories of Education Promotion and Age-Friendliness. This recognition is for its initiatives of "Volunteer Vacations" and " Guarding Plahan Community".

Since 2021, CDF has been promoting the "Inclusive Vision" initiative, leveraging the volunteer resources of the group, combining financial core competencies, and connecting stakeholders' resources to drive regional revitalization in Taiwan. In this ESG award selection, there were 80 outstanding programs shortlisted, and CDF winning two major awards at once. This demonstrates that CDF has successfully exerted social influence by using regional revitalization as the main axis for its social initiatives.

" Regional Revitalization Volunteer Vacations" is leading the industry by partnering with regional revitalization teams. CDF leads their colleagues to immerse themselves in local communities, offering hands-on volunteer services. They support regional revitalization teams in implementing systems to aid in areas of disadvantaged education, elder care, and environmental coexistence. By generating human traffic, they also boost the income of regional revitalization teams and local businesses.

CDF has organized 40 "Regional Revitalization Volunteer Vacations", drawing the participation of over 1,000 colleagues from across Taiwan. These initiatives have provided support to nearly 150 underprivileged children and over 100 disadvantaged elderly individuals. Spanning over a year, this large-scale, experiential campaign serves as an educational platform promoting regional revitalization, thereby bolstering employees' understanding and endorsement of such efforts.

In response to the aging issue in rural areas, CDF has collaborated with Plahan Shared Care Labor Cooperative to assist tribes along the Daan River in Heping District, Taichung City, in establishing a local elderly care and inclusion care model. By promoting "Healthy Life-Chicken Can Help", CDF supports the financial autonomy of the elderly, develops the "All-in-One" multifaceted care model, harnesses the power of volunteers, creates diverse community spaces and enhances children's sense of belonging to the community. CDF's long-term dedication to the Heping District tribe has been acknowledged with the Model Award in the Age-Friendly Group. The awarding panel commended CDF for its innovative approach to supporting elderly financial independence, fortifying community infrastructure, improving quality of life, and tackling the challenges posed by an increasingly aged society, thus exemplifying corporate social responsibility.

Looking forward, CDF will persistently foster regional revitalization, implementing talent development initiatives, and creating a supportive ecosystem. By mobilizing more resources and strength, our objective is to achieve sustainable growth and foster an inclusive society.

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