CDF has completed the second phase of its green energy procurement, resulting in a doubling of the proportion of green energy in its total electricity consumption

Feb 21, 2024
Press Release
China Development Financial Holdings (hereinafter referred to as "CDF") is committed to achieving net-zero transformation and has planned to purchase 5 million kWh of green electricity annually, beginning in 2022. The second phase of green energy procurement has been successfully completed, and green electricity has been supplied since the first quarter of this year. The proportion of green energy in the group's annual electricity consumption has reached approximately 21%. By 2024, CDF headquarters is expected to become the first headquarter building in the financial industry to receive dual certifications for carbon neutrality and green building.

CDF and its subsidiaries are collaborating on the second phase of green energy procurement, which covers multiple locations, including CDF's headquarters, KGIS Da-Zhi building, KGIS Tai-Kai building, and KGIS Hong-Qi building. The adoption of green energy in the headquarters building alone is expected to surpass 80%, resulting in a doubling of the proportion of green energy in its total electricity consumption.
CDF is actively committed to practicing a low-carbon sustainable environment with a focus on three main areas: low-carbon operation, support for green energy, and sustainable supply chain. Besides purchasing green energy and promoting green procurement with vendors, CDF implements various energy-saving measures in low-carbon operations, such as adjusting office lighting and electrical equipment and regularly replacing old equipment to minimize energy waste. Its subsidiary, KGIB, collaborates with the Taiwan Green Productivity Foundation to help three branches obtain ISO 50001 energy management certification.

CDF adheres to the TCFD framework for disclosing financial information related to climate change, facilitates the assessment of climate-related risks and opportunities, and drives carbon intensity reduction through scientific means. It maintains its leadership position in the global Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and has been consistently selected in the DJSI Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) and Emerging Markets (DJSI Emerging Markets) for four consecutive years. CDF continues to strive towards the goal of achieving net-zero sustainability.