CDF released the 2022 sustainability report

Jul 11, 2023
Press Release

CDF has officially released the 2022 CDF Sustainability Report, which focuses on five sustainability strategies: "Developing Sustainable Governance", "Smart Sustainable Finance", "Elite Sustainable Talent", "Low Carbon Sustainable Environment" and "Creating a Sustainable Society". The report aims to further build a sustainable vision for the CDF Group and reveal the major themes of CDF's management system and various sustainability initiatives.

CDF is actively aligning with international sustainability standards. In order to strengthen the quality of ESG information disclosure, the Group follows the latest version of GRI standards and the international Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) to disclose sustainable actions for the "Insurance Standards & Investment Banking and Brokerage Industry Standards". Meanwhile, in response to the risks and opportunities brought by climate change to enterprises, CDF also follows the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) to disclose the results of CDF's climate actions in 2022.

In the face of climate challenges, CDF is committed to green operations. In 2022, the Group has completed the first phase of green power purchase, with an annual purchase of 5 million kWh of green power, leading the industry in green power purchase in one year, with a total purchase of five years. The amount of green electricity supplied in 2022 is equivalent to a reduction of 226.07 metric tons of carbon emissions, and the per capita carbon emissions are 7.75% lower than the base period of 2020. In the future, a variety of carbon reduction projects will continue to be promoted to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality in the headquarters building in 2024.

In terms of social inclusion, CDF has taken the lead in the financial industry and promoted the "Regional Revitalization Volunteer Vacation", bringing the group colleagues to the rural areas in Taiwan. By combining volunteer efforts to support regional revitalization and promote balanced development in Taiwan, the number of volunteer hours of the Group has increased by 75% in 2022 compared to the previous year, with the total number of hours and growth rate both reaching record highs.

In order to refine sustainability governance, CDF has completed the establishment of sustainability committees in 2023 for the Group's four subsidiaries, China Life Insurance, KGI Bank, KGI Securities and CDIB Capital Group, to comprehensively upgrade the level of sustainability governance. CDF also received a long-term credit rating of "twAA-" and a short-term credit rating of "twA-1+" from Taiwan Ratings, which affirms the Group's ability to maintain a stable capital and profitability level. Moreover, CDF has been selected as a constituent stock of the "Corporate Governance 100 Index" and has been a constituent stock of the "High Compensation 100 Index" and "Employment Creation 99 Index" for nine years, demonstrating CDF's achievements in corporate governance, employees care, talent attraction and retention.

To overcome challenges from various emerging trends, CDF aims to implement sustainable management system at the governance, environmental and social levels. Through integrating financial services with sustainable thinking, CDF intends to provide more sustainable green financial services to customers, shareholders and society, and to achieve a sustainable future for all.