CDF supports community care system and shapes a better future for children

Jun 8, 2023
Press Release

To give back to society, CDF teamed up with the China Development Foundation, KGI Charity Foundation, and the Group's volunteers, to reach out to the community care system. Through the combination of after-school programs and scholarships, students from disadvantaged backgrounds are supported to study without worries and shine in the future.

CDF promotes the Inclusive Vision Project, which focuses on the co-creation of youth and the elderly, sharing happiness with the elderly, building a better life with the disadvantaged, and living together with the environment. To ensure that students can study without worries and have a better future, CDF joins hands with volunteers to support the community care system, accompanying children and youth from high-risk families in Sanxia District, New Taipei City. Through donations of goods and support of volunteers, local students are nurtured to grow in a stable environment.


The Grass Book House in Sanxia District, New Taipei City, has long been a place of companionship and care for children and youth from high-risk families. CDF and volunteers helped to paint the walls of the Grass Book House, giving the Book House a new look after years of non-renovation. In addition, there are a series of volunteer activities, including teaching children in the Book House to create animation, learning together with children in pottery, floral art, indigo dyeing, metalworking, etc., as the materials for the "Grass Restaurant" of the cooking class in the Grass Book House. Volunteers also take on the role of guests at the "Grass Restaurant", giving children the opportunity to experience running a restaurant.


In addition to caring for students through volunteer activity, CDF has worked together with its foundations to help disadvantaged students transform their future through the support of after-school programs and scholarships. In line with the principle of "education is the most valuable investment", the  China Development Foundation  is promoting the "Heritage 100 x Tutoring 100" Scholarship Program, which is now in its 17th year. Over the past 16 years, the program has encouraged university students to help disadvantaged students improve their self-confidence in learning through after-school tutoring and companionship, creating a positive circulation force. Since the program was launched, there have been 1,600 after-school volunteers, with a total of NT$80 million in funding.

KGI Charity Foundation has also been dedicating its efforts to the education of underprivileged students. By promoting the "Love Starts from Elementary School" grant program, KGI Charity Foundation provides emergency relief funds to families encountering unforeseen events, and "Emergency Relief - Immediate Care" program to support families when underprivileged students apply for scholarships. On the one hand, the program supports underprivileged students through scholarships to continue their studies, and on the other hand, it helps to solve the emergency needs of families in case of sudden changes. In the past 12 years, the foundation has accumulated over NT$50 million in helping 3,000 disadvantaged students with schooling.