Johnny Lee

Information Techonology Department, CDF

"My mentor and supervisors encourage me to be creative, allowing me to propose ideas that contribute to the team's projects."
Why CDF?
Starting Point of Career Development
During my time at CDF, I had the opportunity to learn professional skills and gain practical experiences. In addition, my mentors was willing to give me chances to demonstrate my abilities, allowing me to participate in the process of a project from conception to execution to production, which gave me a great sense of accomplishment.
Friendly Working Environment
My mentor and colleagues are willing to assist me with my work, which makes me deeply feel the importance that CDF attach to interns. They not only take time out of their busy schedules to attend meetings with me, but also provide constructive feedback for my ideas, helping me improve my abilities.
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"My mentor and colleagues provide me with assistance in my work, which makes me deeply feel the importance that CDF attaches to interns."
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Brian Chou/ CDIB
“At CDIB, we learn to approach law from an investment standpoint, move beyond the confines of textbooks and gain practical experience in application of statutes and principles.”