CDF Employees Join Forces with Social Enterprises at CDF Corporate Philanthropy Day

Jan 22, 2020
Press Release

China Development Financial (hereinafter “CDF”) has recently held an annual corporate philanthropy day and a senior staff appreciation event before Chinese New Year, inviting twelve social enterprises, social welfare organizations and small farms to set up booths in the CDF building to allow CDF employees to buy their products. Nearly NT$1mn was grossed on that day. Meanwhile, China Development Financial Holding Foundation (hereinafter “CDF Foundation”) invited students of the Department of Dance and Chinese Music Department, National Taiwan University of Arts to perform in response to employees’ enthusiastic participation in the event, filling the CDF headquarter with an artistic and philanthropic atmosphere at the Chinese year end.

Unlike other enterprises, which hold year-end dinner parties for employees, CDF over the past ten years has combined an annual corporate philanthropy day with a senior staff appreciation event every year to celebrate the year-end holiday. Chairman Chia-Juch Chang stated at the event that while the corporate philanthropy day is held for just one day, CDF has never stopped engaging in ESG (environmental, social and governance) in the whole year. Take the Board of Directors as an example. The Board has established an ESG committee to implement ESG activities and encourage employees to undertake corporate social responsibility. Chairman Chang also stated that people are the most valuable asset of an organization. He asked management at all levels to strive, in addition to recruiting talent, to appreciate and retain talent, which are key factors in maintaining continued corporate competitiveness.

According to statistics, CDF has nearly 500 employees whose seniority has reached 15, 20, 25 and 30 years as of the end of 2019. In addition to long-term development and training programs, CDF has offered job openings for internal transfers, encouraging employees to diversify career paths by utilizing Group resources and enhancing Group competitiveness via employee and corporate growth.

On the corporate philanthropy day, Jao-Hsun Tseng, Dean of the Department of Dance and over 50 students from that department and the Chinese Music Department, National Taiwan University of Arts were invited to perform for CDF employees. CDF Foundation has been dedicated to cultivating artists over a long period. The CDF Foundation not only emphasizes cultivating local artists jointly with domestic universities or colleges, it also introduces international performing arts and promotes the exchange of arts between Taiwan and other countries. Last year, the CDF Foundation invited the Kuban Cossack Chorus, the oldest folkloric ensemble in Russia, to Taiwan to perform as part of CDF’s 60th anniversary celebration. Cossack dancers and dancers from the National Taiwan University of Arts staged a cross-nation art exchange with stunning artistic skills.

The twelve social enterprises, social welfare organizations and small farms participating in CDF’s corporate philanthropy day event were NPOchannel, Blueseeds, Okogreen, Social Entertainment Enterprise, Taiwan Way, G-Ping Life, Yu-Cheng Social Welfare Foundation, Taoyuan Vocational Rehabilitation Center for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury, LiPaHak Eco Farm, Taiwan Foundation for the Blind, Green Light Eco Tea Farm and Puremilk. 

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