China Development Foundation’s tutoring scholarship program has supported students in need for 16 years

Oct 4, 2022
Press Release

China Development Foundation "Heritage 100 x Tutoring 100" Program has supported under privileged students for 16 years. Every year, the program provides financial assistance to outstanding college students and encourage them to become tutor and accompany economically disadvantaged schoolchildren in Taiwan. The Foundation recently held an online volunteering workshop, in which the 100 scholarship recipients this year pledged to work together with love, patience and tolerance to assist schoolchildren for 100 hours of tutoring sessions.


China Development Foundation "Heritage 100 x Tutoring 100" Program aims to encourage college students to give back and do their part to help disadvantaged schoolchildren as they accept the support from the Foundation. In the past 16 years since the program was implemented, a total of NT$80 million has been invested and about 1,600 college students participated in the volunteering program and benefited more than 1,600 schoolchildren and families. The college students who receive the scholarship will serve as the tutoring partners and accumulate 100 hours of tutoring hours within a year. Through the interaction and experience sharing between different generations, they will create a positive influence.


Biyan Hsu, a student at Cheng-chi University, received the scholarship for the second year in a row. During the tutoring sessions, she used her teaching skills to help a middle school girl who once refused to study. The girl starts to want to go to school and be interested in what they are learning. Biyan Hsu said, "I am very happy that my efforts can help others, and let her see that the future is possible and she has choices." Huang Yiting, a student at Chinese Culture University, is a fourth time recipient of the program scholarship. Huang shared her experiences and learning through the years, she said "the skills to accompany disadvantaged students is to patiently understand and accept each child's personality, and use what they have learned and expertise to make the tutoring process useful and enjoyable."


China Development Foundation noted that, the student volunteers who receive the grants share similar growth backgrounds with the schoolkids who need academic support, therefore are better able to identify the challenges and help boost their learning motivation and self-confidence. China Development Foundation firmly believes that “education is the best investment” and continues to promote diverse education projects. The Foundation hopes that college students who are interested in giving back to join as tutoring volunteers, so that more disadvantaged children can benefit.


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