CDF organized employee walking challenge “CDF Walker,” reducing carbon emissions by 96,000 kilograms

May 25, 2022
Press Release

China Development Financial Holding Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CDF") encouraged its employees to embrace a sustainable and green lifestyle by organizing a group-wide walking challenge named CDF Walker. This challenge, which resulted in a total of 670 million steps together, and is equivalent to a reduction of 96,000 kilograms of carbon emissions.


CDF invited employees to participate in CDF Walker and achieve the target of 10,000 steps per day. Employees tracked the number of steps via a mobile app and connected through this challenge. Moreover, they lived a healthy and low-carbon life through daily walking in alignment with CDF's commitment to sustainability. During this one-month event, more than 1,700 employees participated, and they took a total of more than 670 million steps together. The accumulated walking distance was equal to 335 trips around Taiwan and equivalent to a reduction of 96,000 kilograms of carbon emissions.


According to the CDF Foundation, CDF Walker is the charity event held by CDF with the most participants in recent years. In addition to advocating for walking more to reduce carbon emissions in daily life, CDF encouraged participating teams to contribute to the society and environment while walking. The employees of Branch and Distribution Division of KGI Bank, responded to the spirit by launching a beach cleanup initiative to achieve the goal of walking and doing charity. Many participating teams also walked outside the office together during their lunch break.


CDF also encouraged employees to share experiences in this challenge through a mobile app. Either the teams' creative names or the photos taken during the walk have greatly enhanced each team's relationships. Steve Bertamini, President and Chief Executive Officer of CDF, stated that it is particularly important to protect the employees' health during the pandemic. Their enthusiasm about this event and the joyful atmosphere during the walk are all the positive values that CDF aims to convey.


The CDF Foundation brought together employees from all subsidiaries, CDIB Capital Group, KGI Bank, KGI Securities, and China Life Insurance, through this walking challenge, to motivate employees to walk more while extending the volunteering services to the community, thereby expanding the group's influence and putting the ESG concept into practice.


CDF has been committed to a low-carbon transition, and is the first financial holding company in Taiwan to announce net zero carbon emissions for its entire asset portfolio by 2045. In addition to managing carbon emissions in daily operation and proposing a decarbonization roadmap for its investment and financing portfolios.


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