CDF Hosted ESG Charity Fair. Sales Hit a Record High

Dec 28, 2022
Press Release

CDF held its annual "ESG Charity Fair" on December 13th. Twenty three social enterprises, social welfare foundations and schools from rural areas were invited to set up market stalls to promote their products. Employees were also invited and encouraged to participate. The total sales of the event exceeded 2.2 million within three hours, setting a record high compared to the previous years.


China Development Financial Holdings has long been committed to giving back to society and promoting the sustainable development of local communities. For several consecutive years, CDF has held the "ESG Charity Fair" to help social enterprises market and increase recognition for their products. Various activities such as the long service award, tea-serving by CDF Leadership Team, and blood donation by the employees were held at the CDF Headquarters, making the "ESG Charity Fair" a year-end fun celebration for everyone. Su Kuo Huang, Chairman of CDF stated that, "in addition to creating values for shareholders, the financial industry also shoulders the mission of giving back to society. We hope senior managers would lead by example, motivating all the colleagues to take action, so that CDF can become a model company that embeds social responsibility."


Steve Bertamini, President and CEO at CDF, participated in the event to also show his support, encouraging employees to participate in the fair. Steve Bertamini also led the senior executives of CDF and its subsidiaries to become tea-serving ambassadors, offering hot tea and ice cream to colleagues while also taking the opportunity to thank them for their contributions and efforts.


CDF "ESG Charity Fair" not only invited social enterprises in Taiwan, but also social welfare institutions such as Maria Social Welfare Foundation, Yu-Cheng Social Welfare Foundation, and Taiwan Foundation for the Blind. The event also provided opportunities to help rural schools through activities. Gongguan Elementary School in Yilan were present to fundraise for their table tennis team by selling dried Puli local mushrooms. Jinshan Elementary School Dance Club in New Taipei City successfully advanced to the national competition this year. The grandparents from the area brought their own vegetables to sell, while an old bakery also donated sweet potato crisps to the charity sale. All proceeds from the charity sale will be donated to help the students make their way to the finals. Yan Xianquan, Principal of Jinshan Elementary School said: "This fundraising activity helps children pursue their dreams beyond campus. It is very touching and meaningful."


CDF stated that the result of "ESG Charity Fair" has demonstrated the love and passion of all CDF group employees. In addition to setting a record high sale of 2.2 million in three hours, the blood donation vehicle raised more than 160 bags of blood in one day, once again showing the impact of the actions of giving back to society.


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