CDF promotes “Love for You” initiative for the 11th consecutive year in support of the employment for the disabled

Feb 21, 2024
Press Release

China Development Financial Holdings (hereinafter referred to as "CDF") has launched its 11th consecutive "Love for You" charity initiative, which has received an overwhelming response from employees, resulting in an order amount of NT$1.09 million. CDF has been promoting this initiative for over a decade to support employment opportunities for people with disabilities. This year, CDF has partnered with Hua-kuang Social Welfare Foundation's bakery and TriBake Social Enterprise to fulfill its commitment to charity for the entire year.

 Mr. Shenzhu Chou, Director at Hua-kuang Social Welfare Foundation has praised CDF as their most reliable charitable partner, as this program provides vocational training to disabled residents of the institute, enabling them to develop their employment skills.  In recent years, the foundation has trained disabled individuals in various jobs such as car washing at gas stations, working in restaurants, and packing lunches in catering companies. This not only provides them with opportunities to integrate into community life but also helps to earn them recognition and dignity. In addition to regular training, disabled individuals working in the bakery are also led by baking teachers to make heart-shaped bread to give to disadvantaged children in remote areas, enabling them to use their abilities to help others.

TriBake Social Enterprise, a participant in the "Love for You" charity initiative for two years, produces delectable cookies and cakes using natural ingredients without any artificial additives. Lin-lin Li, the operation manager of TriBake, mentioned that CDF placed an order for snacks for the entire year at the beginning of the year. Each shipment was completed by more than 20 working partners in three sheltered workshops in Taipei, providing stable, friendly, and inclusive employment opportunities for disabled individuals.

CDF has been advocating for social welfare and focusing on employment concerns for individuals with disabilities. For 11 years in a row, the company has urged its employees to support the "Love for You" charity initiative, which enables disabled individuals to acquire life skills and attain stable employment opportunities, all for a monthly contribution of only NT$ 100. In addition, participants receive a bag of nutritious and delectable snacks, thereby demonstrating their commitment to effecting positive social impact through concrete actions.

This year, employees who participate will receive a limited edition desk calendar designed by Chou Peichen, a promising calligrapher who has been nurtured by the China Development Foundation for Education and Culture's Skills and Expertise Scholarship. The calendar is filled with the strong imagery of the Year of the Dragon and has been highly praised by many employees as the best New Year's gift.

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