Flash Charity Sale at China Development Financial Headquarters NT$1 Million+ in 3 Hours to Help the Less Privileged

Jan 27, 2022
Press Release

As we are close to celebrating the start of the Year of the Golden Tiger, China Development Financial Holding Corporation (CDF) organized a flash charity sale, Welcome Spring Charity Market event at its new headquarters. More than NT$1.1 million were collected within 3 hours on that day, setting a new record. The funds went to all charity stalls that participated in the sale so that they can help the people in need to enjoy the happy Lunar New Year holidays. Due to COVID-19 concerns, preventive measures such as temperature checking and mandatory mask wearing were in place at this large outdoor event. More than 2,000 CDF employees did their part to support charities and causes through concrete action.

Four themes were chosen to link this year's charity day to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs): "Educational Achievement", "Healthy Living", "Placemaking", and "Accessible Care". Twenty three social enterprises, social welfare organizations, and small farmers from remote areas were invited to sell locally grown agricultural products, wood crafts, holiday gift sets, and other merchandise for fundraising. People swarmed the plaza of the CDF Headquater. Other than the enthusiastic response of our employees, prompted by curiosity, nearby office workers and local residents dropped by, creating a festive atmosphere at the event.

CDF also implemented the "Accelerate Digital" strategy at this year's charity sale. KGI Bank provided payment terminals for consumers to experience the benefits of digital payment, greatly reducing payment time. Vendors and employees alike said with excitement: "One swipe and you're done. It's so convenient!" This is the second charity day activity that Steve Bertamini has attended since becoming President of CDF. One by one, he visited every stall and had casual conversations with staff members on-site. Steve Bertamini expressed: "There are many aspects that make the company's charity events meaningful. Other than serving as a means for the group to repay society and achieve the ESGs, it is wonderful to see the love and passion that employees put into them.  This meaningful event is a must for me to join".

Senior managers from CDF subsidiaries each take resources out of their own pocket to offer assistance to various causes: Steve Bertamini, President of CDF, purchases frozen baked sweet potatoes sold by Da Sing Elementary School in Yunlin to finance children's education; Saloon Tham, Chairperson of China Life Insurance, supports local farmers; Amy Tsao, President of KGI Bank, helps raise funds for disabled apprentices at 1 for one, where people with disabilities learn to bake and cook; and Daw-Yi Hsu, Chairperson of KGI Securities, backs ice cream made with organic ingredients. Employees of the CDF group only need to show their employee IDs to pick charity goods purchased by these senior managers. At the opening of the event, stall staff members exclaimed "Thank you" together, their voices blasting through the plaza in a scene of jubilation. CDF employees rejoice in performing charitable acts and fulfilling the ESGs, resulting in a fair-like charity event full of mirth and enthusiasm.

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