CDF unveils a calligraphy desk calendar for the year of the Dragon

Jan 15, 2024
Press Release

China Development Financial Holdings (hereinafter referred to as "CDF") has a longstanding commitment to investing in education as part of its social welfare initiatives. In line with this effort, the foundation recently unveiled a desktop calendar showcasing the calligraphy of the talented young artist Chou Peichen, who was nurtured through the "Skills and Expertise Scholarship" program.

The Dragon Year calendar presents a unique blend of traditional calligraphy styles from renowned masters with a modern minimalist design and exceptional works selected from Chou Peichen's participation in calligraphy exhibitions in Japan last year. Despite growing up in an environment with limited economic resources, Chou Peichen's dedication to calligraphy paid off as she excelled in various domestic and international competitions, culminating in her being awarded the Presidential Education Award in 2020.

The China Development Foundation is committed to promoting talent development and supporting economically disadvantaged children through programs such as "Dumbo in Our Class" and "Skills and Expertise Scholarship". The foundation has nurtured rising stars like Li Yuyun, a 19-year-old female tennis player who achieved an impressive world ranking of 303 in women's doubles, and Chen Guanling, an 18-year-old student who recently won first place in the women's 55kg category at the Saudi Arabia World Weightlifting Championship. These exceptional individuals have greatly benefited from the foundation's long-term support and are now excelling in their respective fields, making valuable contributions to society in their own unique ways.

The "Skills and Expertise Scholarship" program aims to foster the artistic, athletic, and technical abilities of underprivileged high school and tertiary students. The program has awarded a total of NT$13 million and supported over 700 students in achieving their aspirations of becoming skilled professionals. The application process for the program is currently open, and interested individuals can find further details on the Foundation's official website.

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